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display adapter installed . . . NOT
What does it mean when the manufacturer's video driver is installed and, according to Device Manager and dxdiag, working properly, BUT WinXP still insists on trying, and failing, to install "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)"?

The computer is a >10-year-old Sony notebook with a Neomagic 128XD graphics chip. It came with Win98. I've succeeded in setting up dual-boot with a cutdown version of XP (actually, WinFLP). Works fine in XP with the default Standard VGA driver, except that it will not go into standby. (APM is supported, present and enabled; software power off works). For this reason, I'm trying to find an APM-aware video driver.

I think I have one, in the form of a WinNT4 driver for this chip, known to be VGA-compatible. That is what I have installed, but it seems to be only partly acknowledged by the system. Although DevMgr says it's working and correctly identifies it, no VEN and DEV IDs are associated with it. "Video Controller" still shows up under Other Devices with a yellow question mark, disabled, but it *does* have associated vendor and device IDs!

I'd hack the INF file if I knew what to do, but I don't see any lines in this one listing VEN and DEV IDs.

Suggestions not involving support from Sony, OS reinstall, etc. welcomed.
Neomagic 128XD is a very old card, in fact that was out around the time of DOS / windows 95B, so it does not suprise me its not fully supported by windows xp.
if you have the driver for that card IE a windows 95/98 driver you can try loading it with Compatibility Wizard

unless windows fully understands how to run the chip it will not go in to standby as it does not know the APCI power use of the gfx so does not undertand how to shut it down and restart it.

VGA-compatible is a standard term used by windows when it knows there is a gfx card of some sort in the system but does not understand the best way to use it.
microsoft themself's hold no drivers for that card as i just check their database for you,
going by IBM database the driver was built in windows 2k which is based on windows NT, i really think your pushing the boat trying to get xp running however, if windows 2k has a built in driver and you have a copy of windows 2k i would load that on this laptop, then do a upgrade from windows 2k to xp, as xp should use all hardware drivers used by windows 2k.

last drivers i can find for that card are dated aug 2001 and are for windows NT.
you may be able to load them with the Compatibility Wizard

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