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Toshiba DVD -ROM
Hello, been a while since my last visit.. been pretty busy.

Well I'm back and I have a CD Drive problem....

[Image: devicemanager.jpg]

I didn't even know it had any issues :/ or how long its been that way.

The Device Status says this:

"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

As for the 2 under the "other devices" section, those have been there forever but my main focus is the CD drive.

Any idea why this happened?
have you removed any software from the tosh ?

removing burning software can cause these problems.
have a read of this post about cdrom code error fix in xp

sm bus is part of the main chipset driver package, if its always been like that then your motherboard drivers need to be updated.

let me know what model number of that tosh and i will see what i can find out.
No I haven't removed any software related to Toshiba, don't think I have. The last thing I removed was iTunes..

Well I tried that file and it worked, I can see my CD-ROM drive again :D but I'm still unsure why that happened o_0

Oh, is the SM bus important?
yup , its important its the bus lane from chipset to cpu, fan control speedstep tech,e.t.c windows does not understand how to use it.
oh dang.. I may need some assistance with this too -_-

What info do you need so I can get the new driver updates for this
model number of the tosh so i can go digging on what chipset is being used.
you need the model number of the board because this isn't a toshiba computer if thats what you're referring to as tosh...
oh ok, yes will need the make and model number of the pc/laptop
or make and model number of the motherboard
Motherboard ID: 01/16/2003-nVidia-nForce-6A61BM49C-00
Motherboard Name: MSI K7N2 (MS-6570)
Make: Micro-Star International
ok its a nforce chipset ( nvidia )
best way out of the is send you off to nvidia and use teh auto detect to grab the correct set of drivers.

under option 2 , select motherboard drivers.
nvidia will do the work for us.
you may find the lan card drivers are built in the same set as the motherboard drivers so it may well clear all the problems from device manager in one go.
Says I have the latest drivers installed already :/
??? nvidia have screwed up on that , i will see at msi what they offer.
in the mean time click this link.
download and unpack the sm bus driver.

go in to device manager, right click on the error, update driver option.
don't let windows auto search, tell it you want to choose,
browse to that unpacked driver, open it then click next.
nvidia only use one sm bus driver no matter what chipset model it is so that will clear that error from device manager.
hunger is forcing me to go stuff my face but i will read up on that board later tonight for you.
Yeah I thought as much.

Well I tried the sm bus driver and it said that the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software :/

I did check to see if I selected the right folder and it is
ok its using the very old and not so good nforce 2 chipset.
i would download and install what is on offer at msi.

i am going to download the manual and have a read of the memory controller.
oh alright, do I download the one under:

NVIDIA nForce2 System Drivers for MCP2 of SB?
download NVIDIA nForce2 System Drivers.
that has the buit in sm bus and lan controller.
thats the one your missing
Alright the SM Bus came up as :NVIDIA nForce PCI System Management and the Ethernet Controller came up as: NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Controller. I never really paid any attention to those 2 errors. They have been there since I received this computer..

Can I know whats not so good about the chipset?
no dual channel mode, cheap onboard gfx, poor cpu support.

the nforce 2 was one of nvidia's first ever chipsets and was no match for the same sort of VIA chipset boards.
Ah :/ never knew that. Well I can't complain I didn't buy it, it was given to me lol.... Alot of things weren't working like the sound, but you helped me with that :D

Interesting to know though
well if it was free its better then nothing at all.

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