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How do I know...
the U.S
ok just looking at ebay usa.
pay no more then $70 for the card.

dam it ebay just dont like posting links to items for sale now so i will do it by seller name.

go to ebay main page , type
6800 ultra agp

three to look at are being sold by the following sellers




all have the standard nvidia cooler still fitted so they have not been messed with.

little tip for you, top end gfx card such as this get hot, if you get a second hand one take all the tiny little screws out of the top plate covering the fan and heatsink.
clean it all out with a dry paint brush.
replace the plate, don't worry it does not remove the main heatsink from the board doing that so won't damage the card
that will get the best from the cooler and stop any problems due to dust build up on a second hand card
Alright theres still some time till they end, 4-5 days, so I just check on them and see how the pricing goes for the three.

I don't really want to pay more than 40 for a used card, hopefully i don't have to
i split the thread now vypergt,
have a look under hardware, we can carry on there no matter what part of your hardware you want to talk about Grin

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