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wifi speed question
Ah that makes sense. I've had a slow connection for quite a while now.

I know this probably isn't the appropriate place to discuss, but do you have any ideas to improve it?

I have a g54 Router, and am on a wireless connection with that, but usually only connect at 24-36mb/s.
i will move this little part in a moment down to networking,

but to answer your question before i do that.
sounds like a wifi card problem not a router problem.
its like everything else when they say speed its up to 54mb/s for a " G " router that way the company that made the router covers their backs.

if your using a older card say wifi " B " to connect to a wifi " G " router your speed will drop as the older cards can not support the faster speeds.

hope that makes sense Grin

alot of things can effect the speed such as poor signal, metal in your house giving a bounce back anything.
My wireless card is also a G build though.

The make is 'Cable and Wireless' with 802.11g being it's model, I suppose.
then you should get a speed up to 54mb/s

try using your wifi in a different room or if possible facing the router its self.
if the speed improves try moving the router to a different wall or other room in your house.

the weaker the signal the slower the speed will become
if your wifi card is a G i would go in to the settings of your router and tell it so.
most routers are pre set to auto select the card it detects, however if your using a g card its safe for you to tell the router to transmit the G signal only and shut down the B side.
Hmm I'll give that a go. And I'm upstairs and the router's downstairs which would be another reason. I've considered getting a seperate router upstairs so I can run off of that one, which may help a lot more.

I'll let you know what results I get after checking the settings.
ok, check the settings of the router, shut down the " B " side if your not using it.

if the router is downstairs to where you are the signal has to pass through the floor carpet and everything else, its being bounced off all the walls , pictures , mirror's e.t.c all of that can effect the signal and over all your speed.
Month late but if you have an concrete floor it will have re-enforced steel bars in it. The metal can have a huge effect on wireless speed/signal strength.
If the floor is Wooden so is there any speed reduction in my WiFi connection.

I am new here and Just asking this because I am going to by a new router for my home use only so i Guess you can help me?
yes you will get a slight drop in speed even with a wooden floor.
unless your router is in line of sight you will always get some sort of dropping in the signal.

even with a wood floor you still have metal nails and they can affect the signal.
it really does not take much for the signal to get weak as the out put of the standard router is so low.
Nothing beats a solid copper cable except a nice thin glass one. :)

One thing to remember is that your Wireless connection may be an 11b or 11g. However if your Internet connection is slower than your wireless connection then your wireless speed will only be as fast as the Internet speed. If the web site you connect to any allows a 25mbps download speed, even an 11n wireless setup (or a 1gbps twisted pair setup ) will still only run at 25mbps.

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