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Camera 6 Led whit chip vimicro VC0333 Need driver
(12-02-2011, 10:37 PM)davey6 Wrote: you will have to remove the installed drivers from add remove programs and then restore the pc back using system restore to a date before you started to install any drivers for that webcam.
that will clear the system of the problem.

if its a vimicro webcam their auto detect software should pick on that cams chipset and point you to the correct download.

what you need to do is download it from myself here.
or direct from vimicro here.

once you have that program its very simple to use you just plug in your cam and let the auto install fail.
then run that auto detect and it should point you to the correct download for windows xp.

if it still plays about you can check the chipset yourself if you follow my advice in the above post.

the number of leds on these cams are really not important when it comes to finding the drivers needed.
its really the chipset that needs the driver in order to work.
Thats the odd thing, since it was installed driver like (right click) wise there is no install or uninstall point method or restore option that I see...

I know for a fact no uninstall option, looked for it very closely... I'll hunt and peck again and see if I see a system restore point from before when I installed the wrong driver...

How do I run the auto-detect? When I downloaded it all I got was an ax file. Scratch all that I see ya have a executable file

did you manage to run that auto detect ?
even with a driver installed it should still tell you which chipset is inside that cam.
Yea the auto-detect picked it up... Then I went to install it through hardware manager > I have the disc - option, it showed the correct driver and webcam then and when it was finished installing it showed back up again as a d-link.

Sorry bout the late reply, I'm subscribed to the thread through e-mail notifications, but never get any of the notifications. LoL
that happens from time to time the notifications get junked by spam filters as they class it as spam.

windows might be calling that a d-link cam because the cmos in the cam is telling windows this is what i am sort of thing.
the cams device id string will be a big clue on who made that cam.

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