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[split] How do I know...
well try your luck , they are a old card now so you may strike lucky.

for your system that would be the best card you can get, but check your psu can handle the load.
the last thing you need is to get a good card such as that and can't power it.

i think i have one of those cards let me check on that, but the postage to the usa will be more then the dam card is worth.
psu is power supply right? I'm not sure, just looked at it and it says 320W is that enough?
oh crap i do have one of those cards, first dawer i looked in there it is looking at me.
its the gainward pre overclocked version as well, i use to run it years ago when it was top of the range.
oh nnoooo thats not big enough, the card will take 250watt all on its own, your psu would overload and shut down to protect its self.
you have a 6800 ultra?

i thought as much, damn :/
yup i have one sitting here doing sweet sod all, i think its been in that drawer now for three years lol lol lol
i would only keep something like that if it worked.
lol wow, so thats the best my motherboard can handle huh, hmmm damn I just feel like ditching my current tower and just buying a whole new one.

One problem after the other lol..
can get you like that, most of my pc's never get to see 6 months old before i ditch and replace the motherboard cpu video card e.t.c

the one i have now has been a good machine and i am not yet happy with the i7 enough to build a new one.
Yeah, a year ago it was running very good but now since all the recent updates to the OS and new programs I installed its not as fast as it used to be. Its not terribly slow but I'm not a patient person.
i take it you done the disk clean up and disk defrag ?
you should do that once a week to get the hard drive clean and in file order.

another tip is to use msconfig and shut down all programs that start up with windows that you don't really use unless you want to.
i tunes is horrible for starting unneeded services with windows, roxio is another one.
yeah thats automatically run every week or so.

Yeah, well thats why im going to get 2GB og RAM so I dont' have any problems. But since I can't get the best gfx card to work because of power issues, I'm not sure whether to buy a new tower or buy a new power supply.
you want my honest opinon ?

build a newer pc, your missing out on some very good hardware these days with dual core as standard.
Do you know any good computer part sites that aren't ridiculously expensive?

I want a new computer, I may sell this one if I decide to

I haven't bought anything for this computer yet, I'm deciding what I should do first
again ebay, but this time look for the motherboard, memory, cpu bundle deals, some are more reasonable then most online stores.
you should be able to pick up a good motherboard with dual core chip and memory in one deal
i have done that myself in the past.

just stay away from deals with a cheap motherboard such as asrock.

i think the best thing for you to do is this.
look at how much it would cost you to get the best out of that machine.
write that down.
then look for all the parts for a new machine or a deal on a pre built dual core machine and see how much that cost.
then work out is it worth my while doing this or that.
Well I'm not really experienced with building computers from scratch so I wouldn't really know whats good and whats not. I do know some things, just not alot about motherboards especially.

Well if I were to stick with the current computer, 2GB of RAM is $72, ultra 6800 will probably be around $50-60, and a new power supply of about 550W is $70 depending. Thats about $200ish dollars.
well for about $200 you could get a http://cgi.ebay.com/INTEL-P4-DUAL-CORE-3...dZViewItem.

that kit is $179 on ebay.

guess you have a few things to think about really, building a pc is dead easy to me, however if you have never done it before in your life it will look impossible.
I can't see it, ebay is acting retarded, says page not responding :/

Yeah I wish I had the money to build more computers, so I can learn more than what I do now
dam ebay, go to their site and search for Item number: 260354601073
Alright I saw it, wow its not that expensive :p now when I do build a new computer do I need to reinstall the whole OS? I don't have the windows XP Pro start up disk :(
yup you will need to reinstall windows without a doubt as that board is much much newer then yours.
if you just put your hard drive in that system windows would go in to one big blue screen crash loop.

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