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VGN-SZ3HP/B xp to vista ultamed customer
hi I'm working in small shop wear we fix pc but i need help
a customer got vista untamed on it and i cant find drive for web came
i can find only for windows xp he uprade it to windows untamed but organelle was xp if u help me whit drive i need for that web came.
it is build in tnxs.

from blood of afg
sony do not list a vista driver for that webcam.
the model number of the webcam its self is the VGP-VCC2
thats a older model that sony done for xp however as they also list this laptop to work with vista i would think the driver will come from windows update or if you went the upgrade o/s option it would still be using the windows xp driver.

now i have found and download the windows xp driver that came with that model when it first shipped, you will find it on the bottom of this post in a zip file, please fully unpack that driver with winzip before you try installing
you can try loading this driver from device manager /update driver option, or by using the add hardware wizard in control panel.

if it fails to load use the compatibility wizard and force vista to take the driver.
how to do that can be found here.

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