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How to create partition with vista 64 bit
I want to create partition and backup windows with acronis disk director v10 program, but acronis director v10 it is not support with windows vista 64 bit. It is incompatible with vista 64 bit. I try and buy many softwares but they do not support. How can i use acronis with vista? Or have any software to create partition and backup windows like acronis and can be used with vista 64 bit? Please help.
you don't really need any third party software to make a new partiton with vista,

with vista if you follow these steps you can make the partition.
click start, Right click on Computer and click on Manage.

if user account pops open , click continue.
In the left hand menu, open up the Storage category and click on Disk Management.
Right click on the partition you’d like to modify.
Click on Extend Volume or Shrink Volume to extend or shrink the selected partition.

once your done click apply and restart the computer.
vista also has built in backup image software and that should be all you need to image your hard drive to the new partition.
you will find that under comtrol panel , backup.
Thank you so much.

actually, vista we can use disk management to create partition, but i can use inly 50 percent of hard disk. For example, total size of my hd is 250gb. If i use disk management to create partition i can create only two more partitions, one is 50gb and another is 60gb. If i want to create more it can not. I do not know why? I can create only 100gb of hd and available space i cannot create that is why i try to find software.
yes disk managerment will only do three partitons max.

or if you would like the full microsoft bull to go along with that it can be found here.Slap

acronis director v10 should work with vista 64bit as its a new version.
try posting your problem direct on their help forum, maybe one of their tech guys can support that software and slove the problem you face.

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