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Error USB storage and stick disk
I got problem with my laptop sony VGN-NS190J, it not recognize recoh memory stick disk, SD/MMC Disk and USB Storage device. It do not show any drive when I plug memory disk. Before it was show drive for them. Now I do not know why It WAS ERROR I did not change or make anything with my laptop, but it wrong itself. When I open device manager it show yellow error (like questiom make) on this following device.

Recoh memory stick disk
Recoh SD/MMC disk
USB Mass storage device
Please help me how to solve this problem? Why it often error like this itself? Thank you.
what windows are you running ?
just had a quick look at sony, you should be running windows vista on this model 32bit or 64 bit depending on what it shipped with.

i have found and uploaded to this post the card reader drivers for both 32 and 64 bit vista for your model.

please download the correct one for your windows and fully unpack the driver with winzip, then double click the install program to run the update drivers.

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.zip   vista (Size: 829.73 KB / Downloads: 3)
.zip   vista (Size: 985.1 KB / Downloads: 5)
Thank you so much. My laptop is runing vista 64 bit. I have download vista 64 bit that you told me and I installed already. It is not correct and work. I still have error as I mentioned above. Now I am very difficult because I cannot use flash memory, sd memory. Please help me with any new solution.
that is the correct driver for your laptop as its direct from sony for your model.
you can try the following.

go in to device manager, right click on the problem device and tell it uninstall,
restart the laptop and it will force vista to reload the driver.

when installing any drivers its important that you switch off your firewall as they can block the install of the driver and the device will then not work.

link to the direct downloads for your model can be found here.
I have download and installed already, but it still not work. I don't know how to do it now. I am sure driver that I download is support with my laptop but it is not correct. Please help me how can i do?
Noone can help me. I need your help.
its vista being a pain as that is the correct driver,
go in to control panel , programs , uninstall a program remove the driver.
then try doing what i said about going in to device manager, right click on the problem card reader, and select remove /uninstall ?
that will remove the card reader fully from the system.
restart the laptop.
when vista starts back up it will find new hardware, follow the wizard till it wants to auto search for the driver, at that point say no i will choose.
on the next screen click have disk, browse to the unpacked driver folder and open it, highlight any files showing and click next, vista might warn you its incorrect driver, click conintue.
that will force vista to load that driver.
Thank you so much for your help.
I already removed them in device manager and restart my computer several time, but it still not work. I deleted after i restart it show yellow question mark in device manager the same. I browse to find driver file it can not found. All driver i download its extention exe kind of file set up. Cannot browse to file exe. But i can install it then it demand to restart computer. After i restart it still not correct. So tired to do it but still not work.
Thank you. I try several time now it is work.
Thank you. I try several time now it is work.

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