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Problem with drive c (system)
My laptop is running windows vista 64 bit. I got a problem in drive c (storing windows vista) it often increase used space itself. However, i removed program but drive c still increase used space. Normally, i delete program in drive c then drive c increase used space. It should reduce used space when i remove. How to fix this problem?
you drive is filling up with left over files from Internet explorer.
to clear that please follow this.
click start. control panel, internet options, on the first screen you see click delete, temp files , passwords , forums.
when asked tell it to delete all offline stuff as well. then click ok.

to stop internet explorer from storing way to much please follow this,
click start , control panel , internet options, advanced tab, look down the list for security, put a tick in the box next to empty temporary files when browser is closed.
click apply, ok.

now to clean the system of built up left over files please do this.
click start , all programs , accessories, system tools , disk clean up.
wait for windows to check your disk for files it can delete, when the menu pops up, put a tick in all the boxes that you want windows to clean up and click next.
allow that to finish, then do the following.

click start, all programs , accessories , system tools , disk defragmenter.
choose you c drive, and click disk defragment.
even if windows say's it does not need doing please run that.

what all that will do is this,
it will remove all left over junk from programs, your trash bin, internet explorer e.t.c
it will then put your hard drive in to a easy to read file order speeding the pc up.
I think you should have windows vista setup problem.You should first re-installed the windows-vista then your c-drives will automatically work fine..Then also you should have some problem then change the settings of the control panel.
Thanks for sharing this information.
while i am re-reading this there is one other thing you can do that often starts using way to much disk space.

system restore is built in to windows vista just as it is under windows xp,
if you leave your system running it will make a backup point or everytime it update's its self or you add a program it will make a new restore point,
this is good in one way and bad in another,
you will have a good restore point to return to should things go wrong, however over months or years of the pc running these restore points can run in to gigs worth of unused data on your hard drive.

you can clear the unwanted restore points by doing the following.

click start, programs, accessories, system tools, disk clean up, click the more options tab, under system restore ( bottom of the page )
you will see remove all but the most recent retsore point.
by doing that you can get back as much as 5 gig of disk space depending of corse how old your windows install it.

what that will do is remove all the old unused restore points but leave you one good one should things go worng.
Hi Visal,
System restore option is given in Vista. Instead of reinstalling the whole copy, you should click on the restore option. By restoring the system, your problem will be solved.

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