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SiGma Micro SG310 Camera Drivers.
Has someone drivers for this camera, because all links are dead can you please upload them here.
This is cheap 6 led camera from ebay only this driver could be instaled...
Tis is USB information VID_1C4F&PID_3000...
from what i have been able to translate it using a vimicro cmos chip.
please read this post on how to find that chip number.
The chip is SG310 ...The company is SiGma...
have a look here.

under high speed download you should see the driver listed.
only seems to work if you right click on the download and tell it to open in a new tab.
just in case you can't get that driver off dvsky i just grabbed it for you.

i have uploaded it to this post.
looks like a driver that needs to be installed from device manager.

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Thank you very much !!!
This are my drivers...
hi want d-tech drivers
And anything for the VID_1C4F&PID_3002 ????
sorry can't find anything listed for that id string,

take the back off the cam and see if you can read what chipset its using.
how to that can be found here.
Any chance for x64 drivers?
from what i just managed to translate no chance of 64 bit drivers.

only the above driver i have is listed and thats for 32 bit windows only
Thank's for quick reply.
That's not good information for me :(
its going to take these little jap companies a while to figger out that people are now using 64bit windows.
it took microsoft long enough to work that out.

windows xp 64bit is a joke, vista is not much better with poor or no support, i just hope that windows 7 64bit is muich better supported by everyone or that to will fail.

so far i have not had that may problems getting windows 7 64bit up and running on my machine the only sticky point was the creative sound card.
but really thats down to creative being lazy and trying to patch up a old windows 2k driver to work on everything.
thats the downside with creative, they make out standing sound cards like my xfi card then back it up with very poor drivers.

only time is going to tell if windows 7 64bit gets a fair deal from these companies, they can make or break 64bit windows.
hey i got d same cam SiGma Micro SG310 its all working but not working only with yahoo messengr why so??
you need to make sure that you have the latest version of yahoo messenger.
once you have that, make sure nothing else has access to the webcam then run the webcam wizard from inside yahoo messenger to set the cam up ready for use with that program.
ok thx i ll try it n get bck 2 u if i still get any prob...thx cheerzz..
(04-03-2009, 09:45 PM)davey6 Wrote: just in case you can't get that driver off dvsky i just grabbed it for you.

i have uploaded it to this post.
looks like a driver that needs to be installed from device manager.

Thank you that are useful !
Thanks for the driver files. Will they will work with Windows 2000?
I just extracted these files however I'm not sure what to do with them, the app; amcam will stream the webcam but my mic still isn't working. You say install from Device Manager however I don't know what to do or what to click to install on what in the D Manager.

Greatly appreciate your help!!!

if your streaming video then the driver is working just fine.
the mic is using the basic input from your sound card.
look at your cam if it has a red plug on it that goes in to the red socket on your sound card.
then what you have to do is tell windows its there by doing the following.

double click your little speaker icon in the bottom right hand taskbar.
click options, then properties, put a tick in the mic box, and click ok
go back to the play control and take the tick out of mute mic, turn up the volume till you can here yourself.

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