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base devices
hi dave! as usual, need help regarding japanese laptop again. i hv here a sony vaio vgn-cs61b. to make sure i won't hv any prob on drivers..i made a dual boot to retained the original japanese os as well as its drivers. however, upon installing english vista, i'd still having problem with the driver devices..i tried different tricks on it and i used drivermax, driver agent etc but no luck. i even tried to used everest home edition, at 1st, i was shocked, it didn't recognized all questioned mark devices... but as i continue hunting down the drivers and trimmed it down to 2. i tried to used again and now it posted that a certain... ricoh rl5c592 memory stick bus host adapter is needed. and the 2nd, was a unknown devices on which i think it was a felica port/pasori driver. dave, i hope for your usual and continues support. thanks in advance!
hi dave! prob solved! i finally got the drivers for 2 consecutive days of hunting..hehehe! anyways, still i'd like to thank you bcoz i know you won't let me down for providing drivers and teaching techniques. again, thank you very much!
the ricoh memory card readers are pretty standard these days, most HP drivers would run even on a sony machine if loaded by device manager.
that being a jap version made by sony you may well run in to a few problems but don't panic if its refuse's to run the correct driver force it to accept the driver by device manager or add new hardware wizard.

to be honest with you programs such as drivermax, driver agent, driverguide toolbox are all the same program and are 100% crap.
out of date database over priced software, that really don't work the way it should.
i bet you have never noticed this with that software, if your running a newer version of say a nvidia driver or intel driver then it holds in its database it will tell you its out of date and they have a update which of corse you end up paying for, but when you load it its two or three versions below what you already had.
all those programs in my books are a massive con on the public, yes people use them as they don't know any better but the chances are i can find a newer driver then what those programs have on offer.
your best friend in the whole world is everest, it will tell you what device is missing just by looking at its list.
thanks for the info dave. i usually used that programs to lessen the drivers needed. i usually combined that so i can easily track down the driver needed. however, i still give weight on everest. its my final trick to finish the job. however, i am just wondering, how come that all the said software didn't work for the 1st on this laptop. even everest. yes, even everest didn't detect the driver needed. all of them failed to assist me, i'm lucky bcoz i decided to make a dual boot to preserved the drivers. so one by one, i hunted the drivers until i used again the everest and at last, it posted the prob drivers needed. however, i still encountered a prob. the built-in camera didn't work fine. i hv to un-install and install the driver everytime i open the laptop. any idea regarding this matter?
everest should have picked up on it but it really depends on what version of everest your using really.
the new corp version has just come out and that is better then ever.
that reminds me i must put it in the download section.

if you ever get stuck like that again call up the device id string as listed by windows and search it, the chances are you will find out what that device is.
with that said most base system devices on a laptop are the card reader or even the quick keys.
ah ok..thanks! i will wait for that corp version on the download section. i must have it! anyways, how about the prob i encountered re webcam? do u hv any idea? should i look for a driver of that motion eye web cam? when i installed the english os. it automatically installed the web cam driver. however, only black screen appears. and if u look in the web cam sony driver listed or to be selected but once you un-install and refresh the device driver, it automatically install again the driver. from there, you can use again the webcam. but once u turn it off then turn it on the laptop again..same prob occurs.
the funny thing with those sony cam is you can load up the vista driver.
if you pop over to sony support and find that model you should see under orignal drivers the webcam listed , unpack it and just load it with device manager.
or i will try and find it for you if you don't feel like siting down translating aload of sites.
most of the cams start with VCC does device manager tell you what one it is ?
if not grab its device id string and i will see what one is fitted.

the problem with xp and the VCC cams is this, it auto loads a lifecam driver thinking its the best match, problem is thats not a lifecam at all and it don't work.
Oops! I am sorry Dave. I already gave her laptop. For the meantime, I told her to uninstall and install the driver if she will encounter that prob until we hv the specific driver on that wc. I will also try to search thru its model if it is listed. Thanks Dave for your usual help.
ok i have done the everest updates now.

both the new corporate and ultimate ed can be found here.
thanks for the're the man!
hi I am so sorry. It is my first time here. Well I have installed an spanish version of windows vista 64. In a laptop VGN-CS61b And I have the same problem with drivers. I was wondering if you can help me to find them, I am looking for them in a lot of web pages and I can't. I neet three drivers. Well two of them the computer don't recognize them and one si like BUS MD.

I am so sorry. If you don't understand me very well but english is not my native language. And I am trying.

Please help me

this seems to be a jap version of a sony laptop

i need to find a english break down of the hardware inside that sony.
it could take me a while to find that but i will check for you.
the other problem is that sony link the laptop drivers to the laptop model number and trying to use a third party or a older version does not alway work well.

there are some drivers for this model listed here.

if you understand japanese you may well be better off taking away the translation of the page so you can read it.

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