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Software Capture Screen
Well I installed this screen capture software on my computer, its called Webcammax. I need software than can capture my computer screen without making everything lag like crazy. Well when I installed it, it worked fine but when I went on my msn and tried to start vid cam conversation, my computer died, it got a bsod. Every time I tried I got the bsod until I did a system restore removing that program, then it worked. I still need a program that doesn't slow down my computer.. I tried another but it was a resource hog.
windows will capture a screen without the need to install any other software.
if you push alt + printscreen keys then open the standard paint program in xp, click edit , paste it will paste the open panel of the screen you were just looking at.
if you want all open windows push ctrl+alt+printscreen and it will capture all open windows in one shot.
just checking that program Webcammax, its a add on/plug in.
if its crashing the pc try doing this as it needs access to the same port the cam is using it will need to bypass the firewall.

so first off make a system restore point before you install the program, if it goes belly up again you can restore back.
now shut down your firewall, anti-virus and install that software.
if you get the same problem again contact Webcammax on the following and tell them,
windows xp.
webcam model
support@webcammax.com or webcammaxsupport@gmail.com
Right, I want to be able to capture live footage and save as a video file.

Well the error I got it said something like, "Windows has shut down to prevent it from being damaged.. etc."

I'll try it again and see if it works...
ok so your after video capture not still frame.
try again and see what happens if it screws up and you have roxio you should be able to capture the video feed under videowave.
I got it to work after the last(hopefully) computer freeze o_0 I'm guessing the capture cam software has to be running before launching it on live chat.

I've had it for a few days and seems to do being alright
must be cheap decoding if it can't handle being started last.
however with that said its pretty hard to ask a capture program to start up on something thats already running.
even roxio likes to be started first or you get frezze frames and bleeps in the sound as its try's to time software to hardware together.
rofl, I don't know but its not cheap to even buy... 20 dollars for 6 months only.. 50 dollars to keep it..
Alright I got a blue screen of death again, this is supposedly the best capture software for high frame rate videos :/
well something in the loop does not want to work with that program.
could well be the onboard intel video card thats letting you down as its not classed as high end gfx, its bog standard and will throw up a few problems when trying to do advanced games or video editing.

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