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6 Led USB Webcam Driver for Windows 7
Hi Dave,

Would you happen to know which driver for a 6 LED USB 2.0 JPEG Webcam is compatible to use in Windows 7?

I have tried all the driver listed below:


But unfortunately none of them works...

First, I changed the compatibility to vista then install the driver, if the device could not be detected, then i go to device management and tried doing a manual installation but still unsuccessful...

I really need your expertise... Thanks!
do you have the correct driver for that cam ?
by that i mean do you have the install disk that came with it ?

if not take the back of the thing and look at its chipset

when i know what chipset is being used i can see if i can think of a way to get it working under windows 7.

now windows 7 is nothing more then vista renamed with a bit added here and little taken away there, if you have ever had your cam working with vista the chances are it will work under windows 7.

oh and what version of windows 7 are you running 32bit or 64
Yes, i do have the correct driver for this cam, it's working under xp pro sp3 but haven't tested yet in vista... i will then try to test this cam in vista then i'll get back to you... i'll check the chipset as well...

i'm running windows 7 build 7077 32-bit...

thanks for your reply... i'll post the result asap...
ok if you have the install disk you will need to do the following under windows 7, of corse it may not work but its worth a try.

put the disk in the cdrom and cancel the auto setup.
click start, computer, right click on the cdrom and click explore.
look at the disk for the driver folder.
right click on it and select copy.
now go back to your desktop, right click once more and select paste.
that will copy the driver files from disk to your hard drive.

from then on the install should go the same way as vista,
if you read over this little lot i done when trying to get the zs211 working it will help.
if you have the amcap progarm that may need to be skipped as it don't fully work with vista so i can't see it working with windows 7.

where i talk about the zs211 please don't use that driver, replace that with the driver from your disk.
thats the best chance i think you have of getting that cam working.
hi dave,

thanks for your reply... unfortunately, the cam did not work in vista using the driver that comes with it... so i think it'll not work in windows 7 as well... before testing it in vista i tried the above procedure already in windows 7 but no luck... i guess i need to buy a new webcam that would work in windows 7... any suggestion what product i should buy?

thanks for your help... i really appreciate that...

much respect! more power!
to be 100% honest any cam that works with windows vista should work with windows 7

top brand names such as logictech , creative are about the best and will support their products.
i know they cost that much more but its worth it in the long run.
my own cam which is a logitech sphere came out for windows xp, logitech had beta drivers out for vista before vista cam out my cam works fine under vista and when i tested it on windows 7 32bit and 64bit it again worked without a problem.

ok one other thing you can try with that cam before you replace it.
take the back off and note down its control chip number.
how to do that can be found here.

if its a chipset thats been used alot IE vimicro , sonix i might be able to find a more up to date driver, if its a old one thats below the 1.3M rate the chances are its not going to work full stop but all we can do from this point on is go by its chip number.

if you replace this cam with a new model please please don't get a cheap one off ebay, sellers are passing off old cams saying they work with vista.
you only have to take one look at the webcam section of my forum to see the fall out of that.
Hi dave,

I tried checking the chipset just now, sorry too busy at work...

I found this chipset name


Any idea what driver will work under windows 7? As i have informed you, the above drivers were tested already but no luck... anyways really appreciate your help...

please stay patient... we need that from you... hehe...

God speed!
thats a alcorcam.
i have one driver listed here.
unpack that one with winzip and give it a go under windows 7

best bet with that setup is the compatibility wizard in windows 7 bypass windows vista and go direct to windows xp sp2.
that driver i know works with xp so its stands the better chance of working.

worth a try if nothing else as alcorcam don't offer downloads or updates.
wow that's fast... thanks dave... i'll give it a try... get back to you asap...
I tried and couldn't get it working.

Windows 7 64 bit

The videocap program says "error 0: cannot create video capture filter"
the driver is for 32 bit versions of windows and its the only driver i know of.

what i just done is strip the driver to its bare files, no amcap program no nothing just the bare files needed by windows to use this cam.

if you download the zipfile on the bottom of this post then fully unpack it.
go in to programs and remove the full alcorcam program.
restart windows,
plug the cam in to another usb port so windows starts the new hardware wizard, this time don't let it search. tell it you will choose what driver to install, browse to the unpacked driver files
highlight the cam1690 system file and click next.

please make sure all the time your doing this that your firewall and anti-virus are shut down or they will block what your trying to do.

Attached Files
.zip   bare (Size: 1.46 MB / Downloads: 589)
Thanks, the bare files worked for me! The exe installed didnt work in win7 32-bit but worked under Vista 64-bit (may be this is where I went wrong).
THANKS for this!
Also got a cheapo webcam off ebay. unfortunately won't work, hardware id string is USB\VID_17A1&PID_0128. Have searched and got many hits but no solutions until I came across this thread. I am using windows 7 Home 64bit version. Followed instructions for the bare files option. For the first time windows said it found the driver but then it cam up with an error at the end. The error being that it was not meant for this platform, the driver finished installing "generic"- but cam still won't work and under the status tab it says:

This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

Driver is not intended for this platform

Any help appreciated.


now you have that driver installed try doing the following.

shut down any firewall and anti-virus you may be running.
make sure the pc has access to the net, no need for your browser to be open just be online.
go in to device manager.
right click on the problem cam and select update driver.
when asked allow windows to search online for any possible drivers in the microsoft database.

i know this cam has been out a while now so microsoft must have got that id string reported thousands of times in reports from windows debugging tools.
EDIT: Copied and pasted wrong message in - sorry - actual message is:

"The best driver software for your device is already installed
Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date

USB 2.0 Compliance JPEG Video Camera"

Stil not working though

Any other ideas?


you are pretty limited with this cam as that chipset has stopped being shipped from japan.

you can try the Compatibility Wizard as i have listed here.
select windows xp 32bit in the Compatibility Wizard.

or you can try running the cam in windows xp mode on windows 7.

the best place to learn about that mode can be found here but you should note that if your running this cam in xp mode all software you want to run with it should also be running in the same xp mode.
Thank you SO much for you hard work and effort davey6!
I used the bare file option and just manual driver install ("let me pick from a list of drivers" then "have Disk"). Then I simply pointed it to the file and it worked like a dream. My Webcam is actuall an 8led version of the AU3803 chipset.

is there any latest version for USB JPEG Video Camera deviceId USB\VID_17A1&PID_0128 ?
no sorry no new driver version for that cam.

its stopped being shipped from japan now so i doubt if it will get any updates
thank you...

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