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Downgrad dv9812us from vista to xp-display and audio drivers
hi dave,

read alot of threads concerning hp dv9000 series, tryed many drivers and i'm having no luck.

device manager shows these missing drivers:
under other devices: device on high definition audio bus
3.modem device on high definition audio bus bus controller controller (vga compatible)

....would appreciate some help to get these installed, thanks

my notebook is a hp pavilion dv9000 series
model- drc/dv9812us
ok from what i can see at hp downloads for vista this laptop like many in the 9000 range can have realtek or conexant sound.
i hope its realtek to be honest with you thats dead simple to get working.

so make a system restore point first off and try this set of drivers from gigabyte that follow all the intel , microsoft , realtek standards.
download and install the top driver that has everything in one package.

if that fails go in to add remove programs rid the system of that driver, restart and then run system restore and go back to the point you just made.

co/cpu and smbus controller are covered by the main motherboard drivers and as that using a nforce chipset please click here and under option 2 select motherboard drivers.
that shoud point you to the newest set.

if after loading that it still show the same error for sm bus and co cpu you can load up the ripped drivers i haev here.
both will be needed to be loaded from device manager as i ripped them direct from a nvidia package sometime ago.

modem again depends on the sound chip if its a conexant it will be the conexant modem, if its realtek it may well be a motorola modem.
once i know what sound i am dealing with i should be able to point you to a driver for that.

geforce is the 7150 , your best bet with that is laptop2go who mod the nvidia INF file to work on any laptop., as with all mod drivers please read any notes that come with them,
thanks alot dave, not bad 3 out 5 have been resolved.
the only 2 were the audio driver and the modem driver.

but no success with the audio/modem drivers, i wish i new if the built in audio chip was conexant or motorola.

can you point me in the right direction since the realtek package did not work.

i just thought id use everest to get some more info and it came up with this:
pci/pnp audio: Conexant Cx20561 nVIDIA MCP67 - High Definition Audio Controller PCI
hd audio: nvidia mcp67-high definition audio controller
conexant cx20561
i hope that helps.....thx
going by those id strings its the conexant smart audio211, that should come from windows update along with the modem.

however have you have seen on this forum thats not always the case sometimes windows update just won't pick up on the hardware till much later.
most up to date microsoft driver for that can be found on this post.
driver is dated 10/08/2008 version number
i do have others for that audio as well they can be found here.
two are listed in there the early version and the one used by the HP 9925nr , which again is the smart audio 211.

now you may have to force xp to accept these drivers, that can be done by add new hardware wizard in control panel.
double click that wizard and let it run, it will auto choose the audio as it had a problem, carry on till it wants to auto search for a driver.
tell it no you will choose then click have disk, at that point browse to the unpacked driver folder, open it and highlight any files, click next.
windows might warn you about it being incorrect, just carry on.
restart when its finished and see if you have sound.

once windows does understand your audio chip the modem will come from windows update the two go together, windows understand one it will load the other, however if its still won't do it the modem can be found here.

other possible downloads that might work with that laptop can be found for a early 9000 series,
such as this one.
thanks dave for the suggested drivers,

but i guess this last driver is gonna be a real pain. i have tried to install via the device manager still with no luck.

getting the result for every driver posted "the hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software"
as far as the others that have the setup.exe i get this error:
"could not find media device for this driver"

....not sure now what, other than what you have said 'just keep trying different drivers until one works' what a pain this is.
ok this is going to sound nuts however it can sometimes be the best thing to do.
if you have had ago with loading other audio files before you came to this site you may have driver tossed salad in your laptop.

note all drivers that worked to get you right up to this point.
download them and keep them safe.
now reinstall windows xp pro sp2 once more,
first thing you need to do is install the chipset drivers and get that laptop online.
use windows update and bring it up to date, skip sp3 at this point as it will make matters worse.
just tell windows update to show you all other updates.

when thats done update direct x
then follow that up with the microsoft UAA , the newest version can be found on the gigabyte link i sent you to.
then try the conexant drivers once again.
its going to take time and trial and error till you get one that sticks, and to be honest new hardware wizard will force the install even if it don't work it will still be added to the windows cab files.using device manager will just make windows stick two fingers up at you as it thinks it can't use it.
yes i did fool around with some drivers before coming you're probably right, but i'm gonna try a little more before i reformat and reinstall. :lol.GIF:

thankyou again dave for helping me troubleshoot this.


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