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getting "no media device found error"
i have a toshiba satellite P100 model # PSPAOC - 06X02C which keeps getting the "no media device found error".. there is a yellow "PCI Device" in the device manager but none of the drivers seem to work for it.... the sound specs are :

Built-in harman/kardonĀ® stereo speakers
Software Sound 16-bit stereo; Intel High Definition Audio,
Built-in stereo speakers, Direct 3D Sound,
DirectSound, DirectMusic, MIDI(playback)

can you help me on how to fix this issue?
there is a very long list of models for the P100 at tosh, i will need to the know the following information please.
can you turn the laptop upside down and look on the sticker.
it will say something along the lines of P100-345
then a tosh part number e.t.c
could you please post that information back here but miss out your serial number.
i will also need to know what windows your running.

if your sound card keeps being deleted the first place to start would be your firewall and anti-virus software, make sure when your installing the sound card driver that these are switched off or they can block the full install and cause you this sort of problem.

the spec you listed is not in fact the sound card , it tosh speak for we are not telling you, its listed the speakers , the spec's to which the soundcard follows and the microsoft direct x playback but not the chip.

tosh like doing that as it makes it harder for people to find out what they need, but if you give me the above information i will track down sound card you have.
it is a P100

model number PSPAOC-06X02C

running windows XP media center edition which is what the serial key on the bottom of the unit is for.
sorry that number does not come back with anything on goggle just two results.

must be another number on that machine, P100 is the series, but there must be another few numbers after that.
hey all you heve to do is upgrad to vista and your pc will have sound ...i did it and it works.....try it
i would never in a million years tell someone to upgrade to vista.
if your going to upgrade then you might as well get windows 7.

for the record windows vista support will stop before windows xp as even microsoft now know they made a massive mistake
with windows vista.

and for information if your thinking about this, upgrading will not always get your sound or video card running.
windows has a pre set out the box drivers that use the id string and if it has a match in its out the box drivers it will load.
however the same can be said of windows xp by using windows update or use the update driver option from device manager and allow it to search online.

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