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Driver for usb - serial cable HL 340

Im not very good on computers, so after getting this from e-bay with no CD im finding it hard to get it working.
After installing a driver from the web onto vista it now comes up with USB-SERIAL CH340 on my device manager, but it came up with a warning when I installed saying that it couldn't' verify the driver software, but i did it anyway.
I have tried to connect to my Car's ECU and tried changing all the com ports from 1 - 10 and it still wont connect! :compu2:

So what am i doing wrong? is this the wrong driver? or do i need to try more com #'s?
the car's ecu will only read if you have the correct software to read it with.
for a example, for Vw the software is called vagcom, it differs of corse depending on your car.
the software then detects the cable and what port its using, vagcom is com port 3 i think.
once its found the cable you can then connect to the Ecu for fault reading.

now one other thing i can think of.
all car, ECU need power in order to read the codes.
the ecu must still be in the car, you then connect to the interface out with the ing switched on.
Hi Dave

Its a TVR and I have the software etc, I can get it to work on my mates old toughbook as that has a serial port on the laptop so i know its all working ok

But when I try and get it to work on my Vista laptop with the USB adaptor i have no joy!

Is the
what i should see on the device manager? any way of testing it?
when you open device manager you should see usb-serial port, right click on that and select advanced.
then click port settings, you may be able to tell windows direct what port to use.
com port 3 is normal for a car ECU, but if its old software comm port 2 i would think is more like it.

I have a manual for those cables as they all work the same way and you can grab that here.

post number 28

the main problem is vista, most of these ebay cables only work on xp, they are being shipped with a old crossovewr chipset that vista does not like.
Cheers for all that Dave

Looks like i wont get this working, tried everything so looks like it just wont work on Vista

Will order a new one that has a better chip!
one word of advice.
don't trust the ebay sellers on these cables.

only get a brand name one off ebay , keyspan or belkin e.t.c
that way support from their website is there if you run in to problems.

your best bet is your local pc shop, make a pont of telling them you have vista and need a cable that will run on vista, not a old one with a old chipset and mod driver.

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