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program compatibility
ok so i am starting to run in to a few programs that do not want to load on to windows 7 RC1 beta 64 bit this is what i have done in order to get them working.

copy the install over to your desktop ( if possible )
right click on the program and select troubleshoot compatibility.
a new window will open, do not try the recommended settings as they do not work.
click trouble shoot program.
put a tick in the box this program worked in earlier version of windows.
click next
choose which version of windows the program worked with.
then click next
click start the program
windows will throw up a warning, its importanat that you allow it access.

now click start the program

the normal install will now start and the program will try and install with settings for the older version of windows.

once its finished, click next to add and keep the settings you just used for that problem exe file.

so far this seems to have worked for all my xp programs and a few even older ones.

the above will also work with driver setup exe files as well.

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