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hi dave! i just like to know the difference between nvidea and ati radeon? last 3 years ago..i used nvidia 7600gs. and using ati radeon his hd 4670. i think its quiet powerful yet it is also cheaper compared to nvidia. one thing i didnt requires a 12v power from psu. what a big surpise! unlike my old graphics card, u need to supply additional power to hv its best resolution.
ok this might be a little heavy reading for those that do not understand how GFX cards work so i will try and put this is laymens terms.

it comes down to a few things core speed thats a bit like the main cpu speed.
memory speed , again like system memory more is better and faster is better, DDR3 will be better then DDR2 and the bandwith that the memory can support.
port interface 128 bit or 256 bit e.t.c , again more is better.
pixel shader and Vertices
fill rate e.t.c

of corse your talking about two different cards here , the old nvidia is based on the old stuff and the ATI is more up to date.
out those two the ATI has the edge, however its not the top end card its a midrange card.

i could go in to full windbag mode here and confuse so many people but i won't, if in doubt what card is better just ask me a question on the cards your looking at
old davey will take a look at the specs and tell you what one is the best.
you dave, to date, i am still looking for other brand of graphics card but all i can see is the two manufacturer only...the nvidia and ati. but like what u hd said.. ati had the advantage. and i am strongly agree!

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