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I just recently downgraded to XP service Pack 3 from Vista, on my Sony Vaio and after slipstreaming in SATA drivers, that went without hitch, however now I face a new problem.

My MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ880AS CD/DVD drive registers a driver to the registry, but does not function and xp says it can't do anything for it pretty much.

Is this an XP related issue or a known fix, because i've been searching with unfruitful results.

Any help appreciated.

when you say it does not function does it read any disk of any kind or not ?

quick test would be to put a music cd in and see if it picks up on it.
if not you can try the old trick of forcing xp to reload its driver.

I can't see this being a bug of sorts.
all windows from windows 95B upwards have loaded a standard cdrom driver that supports basic disk function.
I had posted it when I was at work an didn't remember my error code, but some reading when I got home, I realized you had already addressed it. So cheers. I got it working, with that driver you had posted about the various errors.


Hi: I have another Matshita ( matshita DVD-RAM UJ-861h), see that this link is from 2007 but it still working 2011Clap. Thanks a lot for your advice!!
If I choose 'Start Windows Normally' the screen just goes blank and if I choose 'Start Windows Repair (recommended)' then the 'Samsung Recovery Solution III' screen comes up. It doesn't change and so I do not know what to do. Any help please would be amazing. Thank you!

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if the Samsung Recovery is not repairing the laptop then you have a problem as thats the complete recovery of windows
does the recovery finish or does it crash ?

if it manages to finish its job and windows still won't start the chances are the problem is in the hard drive.

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