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davey help
davey i need your normal plan to understand help please.

my old pc is playing about again, i think the nvidia card or what ever you helped me with last time has gone wrong big time and cleaning it like you said last time does not help anymore.

the card is breaking up to in to small boxes again but this time much much quicker, sometimes it does it before windows welcome screen loads.

do i need a new card now ? or do you know any other tricks i can try ?
really need your help pleaseSlap
Hi Smoo, Dave is away for a while so could you please post back with a description of your system hardware and operating system and we will see what can be done. Thanks.
not too sure what to tell you , davey tells me what to do i think he knows the system better then i do, i am not too good with these things myself so i will do the best i can.
the video card is a nvidia 6600GT 256mb and i am running windows vista home basic.
not sure what you mean by system hardware so if thats not what your looking for please tell me how to find more information for you.

last time this happend davey told me how to check the fan and heatsink for dust and to make sure then fan was working.
i have already done this and the fan is spinning and there is not dust to speak of anywhere in the pc.

I hope dave is having a good time while his away, i could do with a hoilday myself.
smoo Wrote:the card is breaking up to in to small boxes again but this time much much quicker

What you said above, what does that mean? Is what is being displayed on your monitor screen becoming pixelated (like little square boxes). Is your monitor an LCD (thin screen) or a CRT (large like a TV)?

This is a good card and should run Vista without any problems.
Have you Updated Vista lately with the Microsoft Updates?
Did you install any programs and notice this problem begin to happen?
Have you moved your computer around any (like for clean behind the desk etc )?
I have a lcd screen and what happens is when i start the computer i get some writing in the screen , then it goes to the starting windows screen ok, but sometimes where you enter your password the blue background has muti coloured boxes all over it.
if you then enter your password the computer continues to the desktop but you can not see most of it as now there are more small muti coloured boxes,
even if you just leave the computer like that you get more and more till the screen goes black and you can't see anything and you have to push the reset button.

last update the computer had was service pack 2 but its been running that for a few weeks with no problems.
i have not installed anything new.

hope that helps explan it a bit better.
by any chance would you have access to another monitor that you could hook up just long enough to be certain that the monitor hasn't crapped out>
Also as Biggles said be sure to check all your cable connections to the monitor to be sure they are snug.
I went back and looked at the original post that Dave helped you out with. (it brought back some nostalgic memories) and I think it is still possibly an overheating problem.
You may want to download and install everest from the download section and it will tell you what the temperature of your gpu is .
Also does it work good in safe mode like it did before?
i checked it on my old monitor and its still doing the same thing.
my laptop works without a problem on both monitors so i don't think its a cable or the monitor.
in that case you may need to either try re installing the drivers or possibly re seat the card I would try the drivers first .
get the drivers either through the disk or by downloading them from the nvidea web site here
and if that does not work try physically removing and re installing the card in the slot
If you do this make sure that you are at the very least touching the metal case with one hand to ground yourself while you are doing this as static electricity can be deadly to a pc.
that sounds like the card to me smoo,
are you sure its dust free on all the fan and heatsink ?
you may have to remove the card to double check that.
also with the computer running make sure then fan is spinning at its full speed, they do ware out with age and slow down
or get a rough bearing and start making a nosie, if thats the case you will need to put a new fan on the heatsink.

if doing all that don't slove the problem i would consider a new card, as you have a AGP port on that computer i would think about a
upgrade to the nvidia 6800 GT or even the 6800 ultra depending on the main psu in that machine.
if you look at the psu ( thats the very top metal square box inside the computer ) you will see a sticker on the side.
total max output watts will be listed, 450 watt will be enough to run the 6800 ultra + the pc.
400 will be enough to run the 6800GT + computer.

is this the same pc your brother is using ?
find out if his updated the nvidia driver or not.
if not service pack 2 for vista may well have loaded it own driver from microsoft and buggered up the old nvidia driver.
get him to do the following as well
start in safe mode now
click start , control panel , programs, remove the old nvidia driver
restart the pc
if its running a microsoft driver the screen will keep doing the same thing.
shut down once again,
now download the nvidia driver on your laptop and put it on a memory pen.
with the side of the pc remove place a large house fan close to the open side of the pc and switch it on flat out.
that will cool the card enough for you to start in normal mode.
load up the nvidia driver and see if it now runs fully without the house fan and the side of the pc back on.
welcome back Davey its good to see you on again since you know a bit more than me lol

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