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Newbie need help.
Hi to all,
I am complete novice at this pc lark but I still enjoy it.
I am having murder at trying to get this usb to serial to work (yes its the blue/clear one off ebay). I have followed all instructions for all the different drivers and no success. I also have another adapter with mini disc and cannot get that to work either.
I am going to run out of cds soon! I am running xp pro with service pack3. Most of the time pc tells me C:\WCH.CN\CH341SER is not accessible. Strange thing is when I try to open the file adaware seems to pop up and tells me there are 2 malicious programs running and starts scanning. I have scanned pc with adaware, malwarebytes. avg. vundo. etc there were some trojans found in winsystem32 but all successfully removed. Has anyone got an answer to this as it seems these people should not be selling this adapter if its not fit for use.
Any help would be fantastic.
Best regards to all,
PS If its in the wrong place I am sorry .
i think you have two problems here really.
when installing a driver that needs access to a port all anti-virus software, anti-spyware and firewalls should be shut down while you
install the driver.
the reason being that cable needs access to a port in this case usb.
all the above programs can block the install if they think its going to harm the pc in anyway.
your best bet is to scan the download and unpacked driver files first for anything nasty.
if they come back as clean you have very little risk in installing it with all the above programs shut down.

second is sp3
sp3 changes xp's core, this can cause some problems with these cables.
CH341.ser is the model.
so this should be the correct driver for that cable.

wch is the brand name and in a way your lucky those people have a site.
Hi Davey,
Many thanks for your advice, I have finally done it. I looked at the chinese site again and noticed a zip file so I downloaded that, and that had an extra file in it, loaded that with all the other drivers put them on a disc and PRESTO windows found it and loaded it. All running ok now.
Best regards, Rob.
was it the zip i listed bob or was it another in that list of downloads at wch
let me know what one it was and i will grab it off the jap site.
Hi Dave,
Sorry about delay in replying. Yes it was on the link you provided, I went for the download sign, but further down the page there is a zip file which was the correct one. Maybe it was my fault or perhaps others could be pointed to the zip file. It even recognised the other usb adapter which is a different type. It was a nightmare to get sorted and I wouldnt have done it without your help. Once again thanks for your help.

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