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HDD Capacity
A bit bizzare, New HDD 250 GB, after setting up primary Partition noted I have only 128 GB, is this normal?Slap
depends on that age of the bios and jumper settings on the new drive.
my first stop would be to look at the jumper settings and make sure you have not limited the drive to x amount.

second would be the age of your bios.
that being such a old board it may well be limited to the max hard drive it can read, in fact at one time that was a very common problem with
early bios set up's

now as that's a oem motherboard and tiny have long since gone you will not be able to find a bios update, so a limit in the hard drive will just be a small problem you have to face.
Thanks again, well it brings me back to my thoughts of changing the motherboard and cpu and bring it up to date, into the 21s century, lol.:compu2:
What version of XP are you using to install onto it? Can't remember exactly but didn't the 127GB limit get fixed with SP1. If what Dave suggested doesn't fix it, slipstream SP3 onto the XP CD. nLite is the easiest way to do this.
Hi ther Biggles,

I have XP Home, and it is up to date including SP3. I have the drive fitted in the case and available for use, nothing been loaded on it as yet.


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