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LCD Problem
Hi dave, i dont no why but im attracting laptops this is the 3rd this week! got a dell, screen does not light up or show any display at all. ive removed ribbon and re inserted this did not work.

what do you think could be the cause? ribbon... lcd.. mobo?

The diplay shows on a monitor plugged in side.. the laptop also showing cmos batt critically low.
i would think dead panel if its using a ex monitor ok.

let it start up on its lcd , then shine a light at a angle on to the screen.
see if you can make out windows
if you can the backlight as gone and they really are a pain to change on there own.
i no longer bother doing that sort of job i just replace the whole panel.
take the panel out the lid and look on the back for its model number then look at ebay for a second hand or new one depending on how much you wish to spend on it.

or let me know the screen number and i will have a word with darren.
he has lot of screens laying about as i do he might have one.

like most laptops dell suffer with broken ribbons to screen as they pass the hinge, make sure the ribbon is in fact intact and not broken anywhere.
another test would be to test the invertor, ( warning high voltage ) you need a good muti meter test the invertor out for voltage ( 240 + )
please be careful when doing that or you can get a hell of a belt off the thing.

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