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Please insert a disk into drive E.
I get that error when I try to click on my removable disk (E:). I am trying to use a USB MultiCard Reader/Writer. It said that the hardware already installed and everything, but somehow I can't get it to work. Does anyone have any idea what I should do? Thanks in advance.
sometimes if the driver is incorrect or incomplete that error will show when you have a memory card in the memory slot.
its may also happen if the card its self is not working the correct way.
i have seen memory cards work in one machine and not another because the card is breaking down.

if this card reader is on a laptop what is its make and model number and what windows are you running ?
I am running an HP Pavilion dv1310us.
& im running windows XP.
two drivers are listed for that card reader under windows xp.
both should be loaded as the Texas Instruments is the interface chipset and one part of the reader and the Media Card Reader Driver adds secure digital (SD) and multimedia cards (MMC) parts.
why Hp have spilt it like that i don't know but best to load up both drivers as listed here.

when installing those drivers please shut down any firewall and antivirus software, thats just to stop them blocking the port access to the card reader.
I finished downloading them.
What do I do after that ?
Do i click on them to install ?
because i tried one of them & it asked me if i wanted to completely uninstall it.
yes thats what you have to do run the install by double clicking
it will remove the old driver on both.
then restart the laptop and run the install's again to install the updates.

now i was checking this card reader at HP it has a size limit in which it can read cards, 4 gig is the max cards it can read,
anything over that and it will not read them.
alright, i will do that right now.

& my SD is 2 gig, so thats fine right ?
so i just uninstalled and reinstalled.
is that all im supposed to do ? because it still doesnt read it.
right if that failed to work there is one other thing i can think off.
that card reader does not read micro sd cards on its own. just standard sd cards.
have you plugged it in to a adapter then in to the card reader?
if thats the case check the adapter is working.

the card reader may well not support micro SD cards, i will try and double check that up with HP later tonight to confirm that idea.

if thats the case you may have to connect the phone to the laptop by USB,
thats what i have to do with my own phone as my card reader has the same problems, however i will check up with HP first.
yeah, i have the SD card in the adapter, then plugged it into the card reader.
okay then, let me know when you find ouuut.
& thanks.
well thats pretty heavy reading so i will try and break this down to laymens terms.

there is two different mico sd cards The SD and SDHC
now both need a different adapter, from what i was reading they use a different pin config in order to work in a standard card reader.

in short you need to make sure the adapter you have supports your version of mico sd card.

even with the correct adapter there are still reports on the net saying they don't work in a full size card reader.
( i have the same problem with my memory stick pro duo )

this i think is going to drive you mad and the best way to transfer files from phone to computer and back again would be to use the usb cable and phone software for your mobile,
doing it that way is going to save you time and money trying to find a working adapter.
ohh, okay then.
well thanks for confirming that i should just go get a USB cable for it. (:

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