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Mouse Hiccup.

Recently my Mouse has been behaving strange, when I Right Clic on a file it freezes my PC, cant do a thing with it, I have to Task Manage and end non responsive program.
I have looking at the mouse set up, but theres nothing on there that provides a clue. I have tried several different 'mice' both PS2 and USB but it happens with all of them, so there must be something burried in the OS itself, maybee. Any clues please.

that sounds more like a windows problem then a mouse problem.
main part of desktop browsing is IE core.
update IE and see if it improves.
Thanks, that went through my mind, I am on IE7 and I am being aked to upgrade to IE8, question is, is it worth it, I had to uninstal IE 8 some time ago when it first came out as it playeg hell with my PC, has it improved?

Hi again,

OK, took the plunge and installed IE 8, restarted and have IE8, but nope, mouse still freezes on right click. So thinking cap on, went to Control and looked up mouse settings, as per normal for RH person I use left button for double clicks etc and right to open files and other things, so me thought, lets reverse this and activate right click as opposite function, me expecting to have to double click with RH button, nope, still have LH button for that, and RH button now functions as per normal, doesnt freeze the screen. Bizzare!Thinking

Oops! Spoke too soon, cam back on PC this pm and nope, the right click froze the screen agaim had to task manage and close non reponsive program.


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