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has anyone seen this webcam?

bought it a few weeks ago, finally tried to make it work now. when i plug it in, windows automatically recognizes and installs it as "Lenovo Q350 USB Webcam" problem is it doesnt work on Skype or ooVoo. any help as to what can be done to fix it? thanks
looks like this one at trust.

trust class that as driverless under windows xp and vista.

I have also seen it listed here at haveit.

same cam different chipset inside as one is 1.3 million the other 480k

you best bet is to take the back off the thing and have a look at its chipset.
what to look for can be found here.

let me know the chipset being used and i might be able or even have a driver for it.
Hey that is my POS webcam!!! I just got mine in the mail today and have been frustrated for the last 5 hours looking for a driver im running windows 2000 it doesnt recognize this camera and says there are no drivers avail... blah blah blah i took the back off and I have a totally diff chipset than anything i have seen on the web. my chipset is SGS320FL that's the first string then in the middle is 0937 underneath that is H45121. There is no sonix hand written on here. I already contacted the seller and asked him who the manufacture was and where the hell i can find the drivers for this camera so who ever can get back to me i would greatly appreciate ive already waited for this thing for a month what a bummer....
please find its device id string as listed by windows as thats a chipset i have not come across before.

how to do that can be found here.
The device has been bought on ebay, the naming there is "12.0 Mega USB 6 LED Webcam Web Cam Camera"

Chip is: "EtronTech SP268A"

The device is recognized by windows, but the screen is totally black, so that's the issue.

Hardware ID: USB\Vid_1e4e&Pid_0100&Rev_0002&MI_00
try relkoading the driver again in another usb port.
this time make sure any firewall and anti-virus software is shut down while the driver installs

i can find anything really listed for that device id string
Hey guys,
i bought this webcam, too. today it arrived and i tried everything to find a fitting driver - hopeless.
actually i don't have a clue whether the answer is in this thread or not...
the chip is :

EtronTech SP268A3


i really don't know how to go on, so it would be great if one could help me, perhaps in a detailled way.

thank you,

EDIT: I use XP - Professional
from what i have just been reading on the jap sites this is a driver free cam,
in other words the driver comes from windows update when you plug the cam in.
what you have to do is this.

start your pc/laptop.
shut down any firewall and anti virus software you are running.

go online no need to browse just go online.

plug the cam in to a differnet usb port then the one you have been using.
let the wizard start, when asked let it search online for a driver.

it should then find the driver and load it for you.
thanks for the quick reply :)
but actually the wizard does not show the opportunity to search online for a driver.
it just says that i can browse my computer...
do you know if there is a special way to start a search online?

thank you anyway,
try doing it this way.
leave the cam plugged in. go online.
right click on my computer , select properties, click hardware tab , device manager.

look down the list for the problem cam, right click on it and select update driver.
(10-26-2009, 08:13 AM)davey6 Wrote: please find its device id string as listed by windows as thats a chipset i have not come across before.

how to do that can be found here.

In reply to your request, I have included the Id string from my camera which "looks the same" as the camera listed at http://www.davesdrivers.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1599&highlight=SGS320FL .
It also uses the SGS320FL chip and the ID string is
and in the second line it lists
Also on another note for future reference, the audio (microphone) is wired directly to the mic plug and does not attach to the chip in any way, so any audio issues with this camera are either hardware (mic or broken wire) or configuration problems that can be taken care of with standard audio settings.
thank you for that.

the main problem with these cams are the standard plastic outer shell that house's the control board.
they are turned out by the millions and shipped to OEM companies all over the work.

two cams that look the same can have completey different cmos controller chips on the boards.

somethimes even the device id string is a dead end because the little company that built the cam don't change its pointer to show its them that put it together.

and to top it all windows 64bit has been a massive killer to the older cam chipsets that only run on a 32bit system.

i have run head long in to all of those problems and some can't be sloved some can by searching just the chip number which i have always said is the best way to find a driver.
I got the driver, sx0041 is the model name i think. Mine works now :)

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