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USB Data Cable
Hello, I went out today and bought a USB data cable for my phone so I could transfer music, pictures, etc. I'm not really sure how to use it. It said to "install the USB Driver Software before plugging the data cable."
Can you help me on that ?
nevermind, apparently the people at the tmobile store gave me the wrong one. :P
it says compatible with Samsung t439, t739, & t819.
but mine is t459.
it wouldnt work anyway ?
not up on samsung phones so unsure if its the same cable or not.

however you will still need the phone software.
you should be able to download that along with anhy driver needed direct from samsung. tmobile is a uk company so i take it your in the UK ?

if so the support pages for samsung uk can be found here.

thats a little phone compared to mine but i need a PDA phone that has everything on it inc wifi access
this is what i carry on me and have done for sometime now.
haha, well no. im not in the UK.
I'm in USA.

i got to here http://www.samsung.com/us/support/download/supportDown.do?group=&type=mobilephones&subtype=t_mobilephones&model_nm=SGH-T459&language=&cate_type=all&dType=D&mType=SW&vType=&prd_ia_cd=01010300&disp_nm=Gravity%20(SGH-t459)&model_cd=&menu=download

which one do i download ?
one if the softrware ( pc studio ) , the other is the device driver.

never knew tmobile was in the USA , it use to belong to a company called one to one in the uk then got sold to what is now tmobile.
I think whenever you plug in your phone in USB device at that time you must installed the drivers of the phone.The drivers means the software of that phone currently you are using.If you do not have this then contact your dealers.
Thanks for sharing this information.

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