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Unbranded Webcam
Hey guys, ive searched on here and online for this for a while... im told its a Atek, but that hasnt helped me and it may not be lol

i have a pic


Any help would be awesome
well i was just checking a few jap sites i know and none of them have anything like that image for sale.

if its a Atec it should have a model number on its base starting with AV

if its not a Atec you will have to see if you can take the thing apart and look at its control board for the controller chipset.
what to look for can be found here.
unfortuantly the chip has the classic black plasticy stuff over it so i cant see what it says, the board has t613cob/t603-8-v03 on it if that helps
well your pretty much out of options if you can't read the chipset.

one other thing you can try and thats its device ID string as listed by windows.
to find that please follow this.

plug the cam in and allow windows to find and auto search.
it will not be able to find a driver but thats ok.

now go in to device manager.
look down the list for the unknown device.
double click it, then click the details tab.

windows will give a a device id string , please copy that down and let me know what it is.
there is a slim chance i might be able to find something that way.
ok what am i looking for? in details i have a properties tab and value tab, about 20 different opeions under properties giving different values
i think you have right clicked on the problem, thats not needed.
double left click on the unknown cam.
a box will open with 5 tabs, details is the fourth tab
this is what im finding
in that list click device ID

it should give you a device ID number.

by the way in your control panel SMbus is showing as a error.
that is down to your motherboard chipset.
please load up the motherboard chipset driver
there is Hardware ID


and compatible ID

ok i am searching that now, its coming back as cam 1690 and it is a cheap jap cam as its showing up on drvsky.
the driver i just found i am downloading to see if its a english driver or a jap one.
but as its coming out of japan at a whole 3.2KB/Sec it will take a while.

in the mean time update your motherboard drivers
ok i have that driver now.
it is a english driver and to save time i have uploaded it to my file site.
what i have done is this and it will give you two options on installing the cam.

download this zipfile and fully unpack it

once its unpacked open the folder.
now you should see the files.
try the self install and see if it gets that cam running.
if it fails remove the driver from programs in control panel.
then restart the pc.
now plug the cam in, go in to device manager, right click on the cam and select update driver, follow the wizard till windows want to auto search, click you will choose what driver.
then browse to the unpacked file, open the driver folder, highlight any files showing and click next, vista will try and load that stand alone driver.

as with all webcam please shut down any third party firewall and anti-virus before you try the install,
they can and do block the access needed to your usb port.
if windows firewall pops up as is the case all to oftern in vista allow it access or vista will block the install
you my friend. are amazing.. thanks, all works, ive been after them drivers for weeks lol

I also have this camera, however I am running Vista x64 and it does not like this driver.

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

Driver is not intended for this platform.



Compat ids:


Any help please?

is not the same cam as Trikster version.

that device id string is coming back on the jap sites as ZS211 chipset.
i do have a 64 bit version driver for that cam and it can be found here.
hey, i need this driver again but it says the link is dead, any chance you can give me a new link?

link is fine, if your using IE right click on the link and select open in new tab
(08-31-2009, 10:16 PM)Trikster Wrote: you my friend. are amazing.. thanks, all works, ive been after them drivers for weeks lol


I second that. I rebuilt my laptop from factory defaults and must have lost the driver that was found when the webcam was first plugged in. Now I can skype my mate again, many thanks.
I have an unbranded cam which makes use of similar drivers. I got the original drivers on the CD and it worked well in Windows Vista, now I have Windows 7 64 bit and the driver can't be installed properly. The webcam is not recognised. I would like to know if there is a solution to this... I tried the drivers in Dave's links for the cam1960 but when I tried installing it said that I have better drivers already installed.
can you post your cams id string so i can check it up.

alot of these cams only work with 32bit versions of windows but i will see if i can find anything out from your device id string.

anyboy have a D-tech web cam drivers plz give me...

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