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Hi dave

Trying to find an audio driver for the following mobo - ASROCK P4V88+

Cmedia i think
yup c-media

what do you think of the new home page ste ? i built it last weekend
yeah looks good whats with the dodgy sound lol.. i found that page but their not for vista :(
its the c-media CMI9761 which is pretty old-ish now so should come from windows update.
load the xp driver with the compatibility wizard then once thats installed and stupid vista knows chip it is run windows update and it should find a better driver.

hay you leave my music out if this lol lol.
i wrote to the artist to get permission to use his music.
lol nice 1 dave will give it a try
it just says their is no chip for this software
ok ste now you have to do a little digging.
are you using the onboard sound or a stand alone sound card ?

download everest.
( bottom of forum )

install and run it.
in the left hand list click mutimedia, then click pnp/pci audio

if asrock site is correct and you are using the onboard sound it will name it cmi 9761.

however if asrock screwed up there tech sheet it maybe something different.
Hey CAn you tell me some updated Graphic drivers for Asrock P4V88+, I foun one but not working properly when ever I install games or any high configured software It shows the error related to Graphic and asking me to update the driver. so please help me if you know any.
what video card do you have in this board ?
and what windows are you running ?

looking over asrock it does not list on onboard video, and to be honest i can't remember if it does have onboard gfx or not.

to find out what gfx your using is simple enough.
download everest from this link,

install and run that program,

with the program running look in the left hand list for display,
click the little + next to that
then click cpu.

let me know what everest tells you and i will see if i can find a update driver for you

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