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Headphone not working (using jack)
Ok I have (or I should say my girlfriend) a Compaq Presario V3748AU. When we bought it, it came with windows xp and everything worked fine. After a while installed windows xp again (windows did not want to start-up anymore).
Had a long search for the drivers and everything seems to be working fine.
But now as I insert the headphone into the jack there is no sound coming from the headphones (headphones tested on other pc, works fine), the sound is working fine only no sound tru headphone. Before I re-installed windows xp no problem with this.

Compaq Presario V3748AU
Windows XP Professional SP3
Conexant High Defenition SmartAudio 221 version installed

There are only 3 devices where no drivers are installed:
SM Bus Controller
Unknown device (device instance ID: ACPI\HPQ0007\2&DABA3FF&0)

I do not know if that is the reason, it don't think so cus the sound is working normally.

Ok hope to hear from someone soon, thnx in advance.

the sm bus , co cpu are part of the nforce chipset, sometimes they refuse to load and you have to install them the manual way.
i have both of those drivers listed here.

follow my advice here on how to install a driver with no setup exe
that will sort out those two problems.

the sound is going to be a little more tricky, its down to a missing suto detect file in the driver you installed.
that file is called WiSVHe5 which i have listed here.

now what you need to do is remove the conext sound card driver from add remove programs.
then restart the laptop,
download the working driver you found, unpack it fully in to a folder on your desktop.
open that folder, now copy the missing file in to the driver set.

you can now reinstall that driver and it should work.
if that fails as sometimes the laptop don't like a patched driver you can try microsoft direct.
they have a alot of drivers for that sound card now direct from the update page.

if you click here.

accept any small download microsoft want to install on your pc as they will scan your system as well.
however if you put in the search at the top of the page, conexant 211 it will find all the drivers that they have.
one of those might get you out of trouble.

that unknow device maybe the Quick Launch keys which hp/compaq are not listing for your model.
or it maybe a card reader i will have to search a liitle more on that for you.
Thnx for your quick help.
Drivers of Co processor & SMbus are installed, no problem at all, perfect.

Now for the conexant driver:
The driver that is installed now, I got i tru the "device manager" re-install driver and then connect to the microsoft site. So I do not got a file on my pc. I am still looking for the same driver on internet, but untill now still no succes (I am downloading and installing all kind of drivers I can find on the net, but untill now none works).
The catalog update site:
It seems that I cannot download any driver from there.
The site I get is in Thai (I am in Thailand here) and the buttons that should download the driver )according to my girlfriend) are not working.
I continu looking on the internet for a driver that is working and then add the missing file.

Thnx very much for your time/help, much apreciated!!!
Ok can download from the microsoft site, I am going to download all the drivers for windows XP and try them all.

Headphone is working now, when plugged in in jack sound stops from notebook and only sound tru headphone.

What did I do:
I removed program (like u said, add/remove programs), restarted pc).
I downloaded the driver from the microsoft site (the 1 that already was installed and worked).
I extracted the file and added the "WiSVHe5" file from your site (the file was already there but I copyed over that 1).
I run the .exe file, I got a message that it could not find some .sys file. The "WiSVHe5" file from your site propably refered to a file with an other name. I changed the name of the .sys file so it was the same as the 1 it needed. Then it could not find the.dll. I also renamed the .dll file so it was the same as the 1 it needed. It finished installing and the headphones (and normal sound) worked!!!!!!!!

Thnx again, perfect help!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok restarted my notebook and everything still works fine (just to be sure).

Again thnx so much, have been busy with this driver for over 4 days, now with your help in 2 hours everything works perfect.
ok been doing a little search on HP and gone one model below yours but the hot/quicklaunch keys should be the same as the model number is the same just the last two country code differs.
download and install the quick launch keys from here.

that should sort out the last problem you have.
Thnx so much, also last driver installed and working, your my hero!!!!!!!!!

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