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sound drivers for toshiba p100 pspa3e
im having problem with sound on my laptop. I installed kb888111, then chipset driver and then conextant driver, but to no avail. Sound is not there. I am installing clean version of xp at the moment, maybe that will help. Other than that i have no clue what to do.
sound was working fine untill i installed sp3 and all updates. I removed them afterwards but that didnt bring my sound back.
help needed :)
the problem is service pack 3

when rebooting a machine under windows xp that has HD sound its always best to use service pack two and then install all the drivers get it running then upgrade to sp3

the problem with sp3 is the microsoft built in hd support,
it has a bug still in it and re-installing the driver does not correct the fault.

reinstall windows again and use sp2 the problem should correct its self as long as you remember to load your drivers in this order.

chipset, lan , direct x update, microsoft UAA, conexant
got new windows.
installed chipset driver -
lan driver
directx is already 9.0c
sound driver -

Istart insalling the sound, i get the driver to install, it installs ok, but i dont get the final "success" frame. Do i need older driver for that one?

sound still not working...
yes try a older driver for the sound if toshiba have one listed.

just make sure when your installing the sound that any anti-virus/ firewall are shut down or they will block that final part of the driver and you will get no sound.
i have them disabled. I cant find older driver for my sound card, there is only the latest one listed.
Why is it so hard ti install sound card? its just stupid.
any ideas?
ok not sure if this is the same version you have been trying.

quick look round the net come up with this one version
i have added it to this post in a zipfile.
please fully unpack the zipfile before you try the install.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.72 MB / Downloads: 55)
restored windows to state before anything installed. then did all drivers in order, i used you sound drivers. not working. but your drivers give me success message, and there is little speaker icon in the task bar. but still not working. its just hopeless. why i upgraded to sp3?
i cant think of anything else to do.
thanks for all your help, dan
once you have a full set of working drivers there is no problem with upgrading to sp3.
its only while your trying to get your sound working in the first place that you should be using sp2

I know its a pain in the back side and you can blame microsoft for that, but all the time your sound is refusing to work sitck with sp2.

the conexant seems to be the worse of the bunch as well so you face two problems with your laptop.

now i have one other driver that you can try as well.
its listed here at post 10 by myself.

alot of people have found this driver works well with a toshiba laptop.
still no luck. i reinstalled windows again, will apply updates but without installing sp3. your second set of drivers installs fine, but the outcome still the same. will report later, after updates finished.
so it wont work. gave up on this. I gonna look for a recovery discs for my model or similar, this is my last hope. I suppose my old hdd had recovery partition, but it failed at some stage and i didnt record restore dvd.
thanks again davey6 for your time and efforts to help me. I really appreciate it. Should you come accross restore dvd for p100 psp models please lemme know.
opps if you did not make the restore disk in the first place the system restore option would not have started up.

if you still have the old drive you can try plugging it in to a ex case then see if you can read it from windows.
i have some data recovery tools ( don't panic ) here.

you might be able to call up the recovery partition and see if it has the driver set in a folder.
if it does that should be all you need to get a clean install of windows working.

of corse thats just a idea and will not work if the drive fails to spin up or the firmware has gone, but it might be work a try if nothing else.

can you call up the device id string of that sound so i can check up what conexant it is i might be able to find something that way.
even if its not a toshiba driver.
to find the device id string please follow this.

again thats worth a try if nothing else.
I tried to plug in my old disk in external case, but that wouldnt help. I think there was a problem with spinning, the head was rubbing against the platters, disk couldnt load in windows. It gave me only on day of warning, it packed up the next day Nono

I gave my laptop to my friend, so i cant tell the hw id. Bit if he manage to get it working, ill post the solution.
thanks, dan
no same rules do not apply for windows 7.
if your laptop came shipped with vista then you can use the vista drivers with windows 7 and they should install.

if you have problems let me know the full model number as printed on the sticker on the base of your laptop and i wll check it up with tosh for you.

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