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Nvidia nfroce networking controller problem in XP
I downgrade my hp pavilion dv9850es to the xp profesional sp2 operating systems. I use the 16.08 nvidia chipset driver, and I tried other drivers before but It´s imposible (exactly the lan, lan1 and lan2 of this threads: and that other: ) my ethernet network controller it´s unknown by my computer. The error code when I tried with the drivers before is the 39, that says that Windows cannot charge the driver for this device. Maybe the driver is wrong or damaged.
My device id is:
I don´t know, but I have the OHCI ieee 1394 unknown too, but I don´t know if that affects the ethernet problem.

Anybody know the correct driver?
that lan controller is part of the nforce 630i from nvidia.

please download the full set of drivers from nvidia direct.

look in the following place for the lan driver
c drive nvidia folder
copy the lan over to your desktop.
then use new hardware wizard from control panel and force xp to accept that driver.

it should be the correct one for that laptop.
as HP list the main chipset as nforce AR under vista you should also have a quick read of this post.
it might help
I tried it, but the new hardware wizard says to me that the device cannot be initiate (error code 10)
And when I use the setup of the drivers, and I tried to instal only the ethernet drivers give an error again...
I don´t know why don´t work...
that should wbe working.

have you updated your direct x ?

alot of people over look how important direct x is to windows and the drivers.

I have also ripped out the correct driver from the vista 32bit package on offer from HP for your laptop.
try loading this one with new hardware wizard.

you will find it on the bottom of this post.
as with all my drivers this is a winzip file please make sure you fully unpack the driver with winzip before you try and install it.

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 345.33 KB / Downloads: 15)
I upgrade all, but continue with the same problem and the same error. What can I do know?
ok i was just reading the business side of Hp.

i found this lot so please have a read.

one thing i did see was the lan was listed as realtek and not nvidia.

try the drivers list on that site and see if you get the lan working.
The wireless work well, its the ethernet connection. I try the realtek drivers but it doesnt work...
I don´t know what happens...
I am running out of things to try with that now.
one more thing i can think of.
if your wifi is now working connect to the net with that.

then go in to device manager, right click on the problem lan.
select update driver, and let windows auto search windows update for a possible driver file.

i will do the same thing for you as well with my tech net passport in a moment and see if they have anything listed for the nvidia AR chipset under xp.

you can also try the following to see if the device id string you found is the same as windows hardware see's it.
go in to device manager, double left click the problem lan.
click details tab.
let me know what string is listed there, i will search that one to see if i can come up with anything else
I thinf that what you are saying to me is that,
My device id is:

Isn´t it?
no a device id string will normaly start with pci/ven followed by a string of numbers and letters.

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