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Need video driver for Dell Vostro 1700
I'm working on a Dell Vostro 1700 for a friend, installed XP, went to the dell site & sucessfully loaded all drivers except the Video.
In the bios the video card shows to be a NB8M-GS, which I googled & came up as a NVidia.
Does anybody have a driver that will work?[/size]
f what i just called up is correct there is two possible video controllers in that laptop.

first one being intel x1300 which is part of the intel 965 chipset drivers for that can be found here.

second and what must be a upgrade to this laptop or a option is the geforce 8400
the dell drivers for that can be found here.
I tried the Intel driver, & got a message about not meeting requirements.
Then I tried the Dell driver, & got a message that the driver was for Vista, I installed XP Pro.
sorry that may have been my fault for not selecting the correct o/s
this is the geforce xp version.
(09-17-2009, 09:56 PM)davey6 Wrote: sorry that may have been my fault for not selecting the correct o/s
this is the geforce xp version.

That is one I have tried already, I'm really pulling my hair out on this one.
When I check the device manager I see 3 items that say Base system device, & Video controller with a ? mark.
I've worked on a lot of Dells, & have had much sucess with the Dell Driver support page, but I'm stumped on this one.
The Windows install disk I used had service pack 3 on it, should I try a re-install with a install disk that only has pack 2?
I've googled this Video driver problem, & seems that many people have the same problem that I'm having, but I haven't found a solution yet.
right lets try and clear this up a little.
first off you will need to remove any left over nvidia driver files for that you will need the driver remover program i have listed here.
run that little program in windows safe mode and get rid of all left over or badly installed nvidia files.

now that laptop is running a intel mobile 965 chipset so please make sure you load up the following INF file
that is the desktop driver and will install on that laptop, its needed to tell xp about the chipset IRQ lanes.
without it xp may well miss direct or not even see where in the system the nvidia card is.

restart when thats done then use the nvidia geforce auto detect found here and see if they can call up a working driver for that laptop.
under option 2 click graphics driver.
make sure any firewall and anti-virus is switched off while you so that or nvidia will not be able to fully scan that laptop.

try the driver they point you to.

you can use the standard forceware drivers with a dell laptop as i use them on my own xps laptop i have.

base system device can be a number of things, no card reader is listed in the dell downloads , however if that laptop has a card reader built in it that will be classed by windows as a base system device.
like wise the quick launch keys can also be classed that way.

try the above and see if it gets that geforce card working, if not call up its device id string from windows and make sure we are trying to install the correct card.

sp3 is really not a problem when it comes to video cards , sound cards yes, microsoft screwed up the HD support but video cards are fine.
thank you davey6
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