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Motherboard Problem
Hi Davey,

I have a PC with a Micro Star MS-6378 mainboard and a AMD Duron processor running XP pro, but it has developed a problem. (I think it's mainboard problems)

When you press the power-on button a continuous ringing alarm sounds and nothing else happens.
Screen stays blank, O/S does not load, no lights on keyboard, no CD-roms, floppy...nothing!!

sounds like the motherboard is letting out a bios code.

if its bleeping please count the bleeps.
it will do a short or long bleep stop and then start over.

for a example, three shorts bleeps is a video card problem.

if its just one long non stop bleep its the cpu.
Thanks Davey,

The alarm is a like a continuous bell ringing - so it sounds like a cpu problem.
Any suggestions, apart from throwing the whole thing out of the window??

remove all power from the motherboard , inc the bios battery.

remove the heatsink and fan and remove the cpu.

AMD heat protect shuts down the cpu fully ( crap system ) if you remove and cpu and allow the motherboard to go dead for 10 15 mins it resets the bios lockout.

if that fails to work you will need to try and get a second hand cpu.

first check the RAM module. Remove the RAM from the slot. Then reinstall the RAM into the module. If the problem remaining still the same then please contact your administrator.

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