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Speeding up Your Computer ......
This is a short guide that will walk you through a couple steps that will help speed up your computer.

1. Startup Processes

* Go to: Start>Run>Type "msconfig"(without the quotes)
* Go to the Startup Tab
* Uncheck any processes you don't use at startup(e.x. Quicktime, AIM, MSN)
* Click Apply then Restart

2. CCleaner
CCleaner is a great little application that deletes cookies, clears cache, empties your recycle bin, etc.

* Download CCleaner(from google)
* Iinstall CCleaner then Run Cleaner it(note: This will clear your cookies which means your saved passwords and usernames will be gone)
* Go to the Registry tab and Scan for Issues
{*]After its finished scanning click>Fix selected issues...>Fix All Selected Issues>Ok. Continue this process until scanning brings about no issues.

3. Bootvis.exe(only for windows)

* Download bootvis.exe(from google)
* Install bootvis.exe
* In the toolbar go to Trace>Optimize System. The system will reboot after 10 seconds.
I will just add to this.

bootvis.exe is not needed its part of windows xp and above as its a microsoft tool its pre set to run automatically as part of windows.
forcing it to run is not advised.

to clean the system use the windows tools they do the job just as well.

clear your internet of all built up junk this way.
click start, control panel , internet options, click clear all to clean the system of built up files again this will clear your passwords.

to clean up the system more,
click start, all programs, accessories, system tools , disk clean up.
this will clean the whole system of built up unwanted old files and compat the older less used files on your computer.

the best disk Optimize System is already built in windows xp and above.
since microsoft now own norton they copied the old norton speed disk and its now part of disk defragmenter, the old speed disk from norton was a good program but now you get it free as part of windows.
it should be run once a month to bring your files back in to a easy to call up order on your hard driver.
again this can be found under system tools as listed above.

one thing i don't ever advise and thats a novice to have a look at the system reg files, you can damage your windows install if you don't know what your doing.

however there is a free program that will take care of unwanted built up reg files for you that will not damage the system.
please remeber to back up your registry first.

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