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Windows 7 Webcam Drivers (AU3803)
Hi, got a generic webcam with AU3803 chipset and I have the original drivers CD that came with it but can't get the bugger to install in Windows 7 - The programs install ok and I've tried all the compatibility modes and all seams to run fine but when you actually plug the camera in windows does not find the drivers and the install package does not leave any inf files that I can point it to - anyone managed to succesfully get a webcam installed in Windows 7 yet?
thats a older chipset and i only know of the one driver for it.

your driver disk should be the same driver i have on site, however you can try my driver as well with windows 7 just in case its a different version.

i think i remeber reading this cam chipset has problems with vista as well.
if vista had problems with it then so will windows 7 as they are both the same core o/s
Davey6, No luck for me with that driver on my win 7. I have a 6LED webcam with a alcor AU3803 chip inside. No other branding visible. Iv tried all drivers you have posted for this cam and no luck.
Is there a spacific .inf for this alcor AU3803 chip?

Thanks for the good work!
sorry you will need to get a new webcam.
that chipset has problems under windows vista and so far no one has managed to get it working under windows 7.

alcor the people that make that chipset do not offer any sort of support.
This is really bizarre. I was having the same problem as most of the folks here. I also have the 6 led webcam that uses the Alcor AU3803 chipset. I tried several drivers and still couldn't get it to work. I should mention that it worked fine on XP but when I upgraded to Windows 7 32-bit it didn't work (would not install)..

So just for grins I tried it on my laptop which was originally Vista (the cam worked in Vista), but was also upgraded to the same exact version of Windows 7. I plugged it in and it installed perfectly. I started up Skype and it worked like a champ. It is working on Windows 7 Ultimate on my laptop!!! So I checked the driver on the laptop and it listed the following files:


I copied the laptop files to the desktop and tried to reinstall, but no go, same problem. The only thing I can think of is the windows vista upgrade to windows 7 was just an upgrade whereas the XP upgrade was a full installation. Any ideas what is going on?????

UPDATE: I found the inf file on the laptop and installed on the desktop. The installation went fine, but I'm just getting a black screen when I try and use the webcam.
strange cam 169 and the alcor are different chipsets.
are you 100% sure its the alcor chip inside that cam reason being you would be the first person i have come acorss to get that cam working both under windows vista and windows 7.
the drivers that are out are for windows 2k/xp only.

call up that cams device id string lets take a look at it and see if we can work out what it is.
how to call that up can be found here.
Yes, I'm sure it's the Alcor AU3803. I opened the cam up and the chip was clearly labeled. I think I follow you on device id strings. Here's what was listed on both the laptop and desktop:


Also FYI,
Driver Date = 11/22/07
Driver Version =

PS: I tried it again on the laptop (Toshiba L355D-S7825) and it's working. Still not working on the desktop.
if its working on the laptop and not desktop using the same driver set it has to the firewall in windows 7 thats stopping it.

I only have one driver possible for that chipset myself and that can be found here.
try loaading that one with the compatibility wizard and see if it gets it running.
might also be a idea to shut the windows firewall down while you try that.

little tip. webcams don't like being plugged in to a usb hub they need a main port.
make sure your using one the main usb ports on your desktop.
those are the ones closest to the mouse/keyboard plugs.
this worked for me in windows 7
i wanted to check that file phobos and your link don't work
(02-02-2012, 12:20 PM)davey6 Wrote: i wanted to check that file phobos and your link don't work

for the link worked. and it did recognize the camera but it shows no image.
if i try to use the capture software on that zip it says:

ERROR: Couldn't render the video capture stream. StiCap will be closed.

this is very much hatefull :(
the ampcap program does not work on windows vista or windows 7 its a does based program.

open any IM program and run the cam wizard.
you should get a picture that way.

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