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Toshiba P100 PSPAGA-014001 XP Drivers Needed!!!
Dear Davey6

I emailed you a while ago with my problem, you told me to post on the forums so here I am, I installed everest and it gave me a report that was absolutely huge.

Please reply with what parts of the report you need and what else you need me to do to help me figure out how to get my sound and wireless drivers working.

thankyou kindly

sorry i get so many eamils i can't remember what your problem was.

can you please post what your looking for driver wise and i will see what i can find for you.
please keep the everest report as at some stage i will need to look at parts of that.
I'm looking for sound drivers and wireless drivers only so far, im not sure what else i have installed but for now those 2 are the only ones i need.

i saved the everest report so thats ok, i just need to know what drivers to use and how exactly to install them as nothing to date has worked with those 2 components.

thanks heaps

i am pretty sure i done one of these before on the site but can't find it at the moment

please pack up that everest report in to a winzip file and email it to me at the davesdrivers @

i will take a look at its report and try and give you a list of drivers i think may well work.

from what i have found on the net this is a oz or new zealand model only.
toshiba can be such a pain on model to country sort of thing so trying to cross ref this model with say a usa model will prove hard but i will do my best here.
from what i can see on the net the wifi card is the intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG xp drivers for that can be downloaded direct from intel at this link.
thankyou sir,

you were spot on with your prediction, wireless is up and running, now just the sound to go, i will surely send you that EVEREST report aswell :)

right i have found that model on toshiba in new zealand.
sound card drivers are listed for windows xp but for some reason tosh list three possible drivers, all of which i have uploaded to this post to save time.

now what i want you to try is this.

click this link and download and install the newest microsoft UAA driver
which is the second driver in the list for audio.

when you go to install please shut down any firewall and anti-virus software.

after you restart the laptop download all three of the drivers on this post and unpack them all with winzip in to three folders on your desk top.

try each of the three drivers as one of them is the correct version for your laptop.

for info your model can be found here at tosh

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1.77 MB / Downloads: 17)
.zip (Size: 1.81 MB / Downloads: 19)
.zip (Size: 1.17 MB / Downloads: 17)

Audio 2 worked

the installation was a bit wierd though... the progress bar didnt stop moving even 20 minutes in so i powered down my laptop and upon startup my sound was running!

The driver is definitely detected too as all the games that previously wouldn't run without a sound driver installed now work; therefore, problem solved!

thankyou so much for all your hard work ;)

you sir are a genius,
farewell and I'll be sure to recommend all my friends to this site, you are a LEGEND!

thankyou so much once again;
thank you for the feedback.

yes sometimes the conexant self install seems to stick at the point when its tells you its finished and you need to restart the laptop.
thats not the first time i have come across that problem,

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