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Presario C503WM downgrade from vista to xp pro
Presario C503WM downgrade from vista to xp pro
hp/compaq site has a few of the drivers but not all, did get the graphics driver from the intel site.. kind of drawing a blank on the mainboard driver, and also will i need sata drivers? this is an old laptop given to me by a friend, and he doesnt know much about it. It only has 512m of ram so vista is far too slow.. not to mention it should not exist.
its running the intel 950 gfx which means it has the intel 945 chipset.

this is the main board drivers you are looking for.

and these are the sata drivers

vista on a 1.73 GHz Intel Celeron is a massive no no in my book.
its too power hungry for a little 1.7 celeron , xp is best suited on that sort of system
Thank you so very much!
I extracted the .exe (using universal extractor since winrar or winzip wouldnt) for the sata driver but no inf for slipstreaming? Not sure what to do now ? help please? no floppy drive.
no problem i made the disk myself.

unpack the zip file on the bottom of this post.
copy all the files from the folder in to your slipstream copy of xp.

for info the file names iaAHCI and iaStor are the main inf files in that folder but you will need all the files not just those two.

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.zip   sata.zip (Size: 201.56 KB / Downloads: 7)
thank you so much your awesome and it worked. now i a having a problem with the audio and modem drivers. they are the only hardware that wont install, i cant even force them. i got the drivers from the hp/compaq site for this particular computer. the audio however is NOT conexant high def its just conexant audio according to the old device manager. when i try to force it i get blue screened... when i try to force the modem drivers ( i tried both they offered on the site) i just get a message saying the specified location does not contain information about your hardware. the modem isnt a smart modem according to the old device manager. any ideas?
Never mind got it figured out.. had to install the MS UAA first!@ YAY~!
UPdate.. got the modem installed but the audio is giving me trouble. it will install but i get the yellow! thingy.
yeah thats because you done it the wrong way round.

go in to add remove programs, remove all the conexant drivers you have installed.
restart the computer.
then click this link and download the newest version of the UAA.
second in the list of the audio downloads.

restart the computer then reinstall the audio driver from HP

now just to warn you of this.
i have come across that if you installed these drivers the wrong way round they refuse to work untill you reinstall windows again.
plus you should really being doing this on windows xp with sp2 only, if your trying to do this with sp3 already installed it can cause problem with the UAA driver.
my copy of xp is sp2, i NEVER install any updates till all my drivers are in and all hardware working. and thank you, it is working like a dream. just ordered 2 gigs of ram for the poor thing. Now on to my hp dv99999us. downgrading everything in my house.. glad i ordered my alienware with xp.. was worth the extra 50 bucks.
thank you thank you thank you.. ur a doll!

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