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Need Motherboard Wistron 30D6 - how to download?
I had to format my notebook. Now, I don't have motherboard's driver.
Were can I find this driver to download?
i think this is the set of main board drivers your looking for.

these are for windows xp , if your not running xp please let me know.

this topic will also help you with that laptop.
Hey guys,

Im trying to fix a Compaq Presario V3611AU Notebook PC. It originally had a Audio driver issue. I tried all kind of frivers and nothing would get installed. I Re installed XP.. and that was the worst thing i did. Now no driver would get installed. Finally after 3 days of researching I have managed to Force Install all the drivers, Thanks to you guys.Rock

The only Problem i'm facing is with the Display. Its Geforce 7150. I tried to many Display drivers from HP, nvidia, Omega, etc. But nothing would help. Even force installing doesnt work.Comp1

Please help.
ok you have whats knows as driver tossed salad in your laptop.

clean it out with this neat little driver cleaner program.
how to use that program is listed in the post.

once the system is clean make sure direct x is fully up to date, alot of people over look direct x but it is important for gfx drivers
then download the drivers i have listed here for that gfx. alot of members have used these and they do work.
they may need to be forced in.
Hi Dave!

Thx for the reply.

Please note the link for driver Sweeper doesnt work. There is a messege on the site which says this:
Attention - Guru3D Driver Sweeper has been discontinued as such you will not find any download links here any longer.

Also, Most of the links listed on other websites, redirect to the guru3d site for the driver sweeper. So, I doubt if the Program really exist on that website as it could be just a "strategy for increasing page loads" and "Ad revenue"

Kindly advise if you have any other link for the driver sweeper program.

i have a copy on one of my disk, its a bit late now but i will dig it out for you in the morning and upload it to my file site.

once i have done that i will point you to the download.

its such a shame they stopped that program it really is a good way to clean the system after you have loaded too many files.
but all is not lost as long as i can still find it in one of my backup disk

ok i have now done this for you.
i think this was the most up to date version of that software as well version 3.1.0

it was too big for me to add to the board direct but you can find it here
Thanx Dave,

Im At work now, but ill go home and take a look at it and post back.

Once again, you are really doing a good job helping people. I really appreciate your efforts.

Hi Dave, I Installed the driver sweeper. I try to run it but gives following error: Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application.

I have the latest .net framework installed, which I have already repaired.. uninstalled, registry cleaned, reinstalled and reinstalled the driver sweeper, to no luck.

Is there anything from your end I can do to get the driver sweeper working??
ok just a sec i will download that file and check it.
its a winrar file did you unpack it with winrar ?

well nothing wrong with the download, i just unpacked it and installed it on my windows 7

what version of windows xp do you have installed and do you have any service packs installed ?

runtime may also be down to direct x make sure your direct x is fully up to date

Hey Dave, I have installed XP with SP2 (which was already there in the cd.. dint install SP2 as another program), also DirectX 10c (June 2010) thts the last update of directX 10 i believe.

Driver sweeper installs without any issues, installation completes successfully, I can see the Icon on desktop etc, just that when I try to run it it give the above error, I also tried installing an oldervrsion from filehippo with .net 3.0, tht too gave the same error. I with 3.0 install I have .net 1.0, 2.0,3.0 and 4.0 all of them in the add and remove programs.

all the peeing about looking at my disk and i just found all version of that program online ggrrr
that will teach me to look first lol

all version of that software can be found here.
if the newer one is refusing to work for you try a early one

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