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p100 p160 sound driver
hi there iv recently formatted my laptop and tried the toshiba website for the sound drivers and had no good results as of yet,i have also tried cmedia and realtek drivers and still nothing,
can any body give me some advise on what too do about this ?
the sound card is listed as conexant but it does not say which one it is.

now tosh are worse then hp for getting these to work so you will need to complete the following and then call up the device id string for the HD audio.

load xp pro with sp2 only atthis stage sp3 will make matters worse.

load your motherboard drivers,
then load up the microsoft UAA driver.
that will tell xp about the hd sound.

once you done that call up the unknown HD sound card in device manager, note down its device id string and let me know what it is.
i will search that and see if i can find out what conexant it is.

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