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Dual Boot Issues
Hey, I have a dual boot system... xp/ vista that i am having troubles with. My xp has quit loading up, but my vista will load up. I am not sure why it is doing this but it just locks up when i select the xp. I need to get some pictures off and a couple homework assignments. I can go to the folders from vista and see everything, but it says i need permission to do anything. Do you know of anything I can do to get these files off? I just have a handful of things i need to get.. maybe 20 pictures and 2 assignments.
you should be able to access your work from xp.
make sure you log on to vista as admin.
when asked click continue vista should run a wizard that will log in to the xp folders.
if you have a password on xp it may ask for that to gain access.

now you can try the F8 start up on the sub menu boot open.
when asked select xp and the select last know good config or safe mode.
to gain access to xp.
Take Ownership of the folder that say you need permission to access.

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