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Best Laptop?
Judging from the number of post, I would have to speculate that Dell has the best Laptops these days...
yes dell make the best laptops.
i have a had a number of laptops over the years for myself.
i always found the dells the best both for service , parts and booting times.

at the moment i have a dell XPS laptop and its outstanding
Thanks Davey!

I just ordered my wife a new Dell Inspiron 17. Tried to talk her into the Alien but she's too frugal for that... LOL!

Guess I'll have to get for myself...
did you know that alienware is the top range dell ?

little known but dell make the alienware range of laptops.

if you want to save yourself a few $$$ i would not buy a ailenware at all i would go for what i have the dell XPS range.
Yes that is where I saw the Alien Laptop. On the Dell website. Is there much difference between XPS and Alien on the Dell site?
not really, they are both top of the range.
i went for the xps over that of the alien because for the same spec the xps was cheaper.

it just has a dell badge and not a alien thats all.
Well here I am months later sitting in the sandbox. I actually bought my self a new Dell Studio so I can chat with the wife on her new Dell Inspiron. I'm confused by some of the Windows 7 issues I've been having - mainly the computer locking up and I have to remove the battery and power cord in order to reboot it!

Another is my wifes Inspiron has been having loading issues. In fact, she already had to call Dell and they had to walk her through some procedure to get it to load up. It was locking up after initial boot up when the Windows screen would come on.

We use Skype to communicate and Dell rep told her that was the problem. But I'm not having those start up issues and I find it hard to believe that Skype would be used by so many people if it had such issues?

She spent an hour this morning trying to get it to work correctly. Said it was very slow and acting weird...

Finally I think she re-installed Skype for the 10th timeand we were able to connect.

ARE there issues with Skype and if so, is there a better program out there?
what you need to do is contact skype and ask them when they will have a new version out.
the version thats out now came out for vista so if you load it up it will work but windows 7 might be loading it as a
vista program and applying those settings to it without you doing anything.

of corse windows 7 has the same sort of firewall as vista does and it sticks its nose in to what your doing.
if you forget to allow access at any point during the install the program won't fully work.

same can be said of other IM programs such as yahoo and msn , in fact if you look down the post of the last week or so you will find yahoo are having problems too.

best thing to to is install skype and tell it not to start with windows ( under its own options )
that way it won't start up with windows and won't get in the way of a clean boot.

What do you know about the below article I just recieved?

Please be aware of this latest Worm/Malware. If you use of both Yahoo IM and Skype it is especially important you read this.

May 7th 2 010

Security <> researchers have reported a new wave of attacks targeting users of Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

The attack comes via messages suc...h as, "Does my new hairstyle look good? bad? perfect?" and "My printer is about to be thrown through a window if this pic won't come our right. You see anything wrong with it?" The messages contain malicious links.

"The users are more easily tricked into clicking the link by these messages, because users tend to think that 'their friend(s)' are asking for [advice]," said the BKIS blog post. "Moreover, the URL shows a .jpg file to users, reinforcing the users' thought of an image file."

BKIS' discovery follows the appearance of another worm targeting Yahoo Messenger that was reported earlier this week.

"The page at the end of the link is basic and does not employ any exploits in order to install the worm, it relies solely social engineering to trick victims <> into believing they are opening a picture from a friend, while in fact they run the worm," explained Symantec researcher Mircea Ciubotariu <> May 2.

Once executed, "the worm copies itself to %WinDir%\infocard.exe, then it adds itself to the Windows Firewall <> List, blocks the Windows Updates service and sets the following registry value so that it runs whenever the system boots: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run"Firewall Administrating" = "%WinDir%\infocard.exe," Ciubotariu wrote.

With that done, the worm then blasts itself out to everyone on the victim's Yahoo Messenger contact list, and may also download and execute other malicious files. <>

According to BKIS, the other worm has "more complicated functions." Among other things, it "automatically sends messages with different contents containing malicious URLs to user names in [the] Skype [or] Yahoo Messenger friend list of the user" and "uses rootkit technique to hide its files and processes." The malware also "blocks operations of antivirus software <> " and "copies itself along with file Autorun.inf into USB drives to spread."

"Once again, we would recommend [that] IM users ... be careful before clicking any links received, even from your friends or relatives," BKIS said. Also, "Users should <<image001.gif>> regularly update their antivirus [software <> ] on their computers."
i need to read up on this rdx4me, reason being i am in hospital at the moment.
however with that said this coming from such a sorce as msn , skype, yahoo i would thinks its been tracked back and sorted out by most anti-virus and anti-maleware programs.

i would update your anti-virus and anti-maleware, then do a full scan of an pc your worried about.

the very simple advice would be this, if the email has come from someone you don't know and has a attachment along with it don't open it just delete it, if the email has come from someone you know scan the attachment before saving or opening it.
i know that basic stuff but most people don't look at who sent what and its too late by the time they have opened it.
Hope you get out of the hospital & back on your feet Dave! I've already e-mailed my wife with a link to

It's just one place that a buddy over here used to help his computer. My wife and I both use the McAfee that came with our Dells for AV protection...
if you tell your friend to use the link to from the top of my home page he can buy the full version at a cut rate price as i have a deal with them for the next year.
might be worth thinking about.

so far they are the only company i have allowed access to on the site as i have used that software for a while myself and happy with it.
At the rate Malware seems to be infecting everything, it's too good of a deal to pass up!

Thanks Dave!
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