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Privacy Center
Heres a new one to me, PC running XP Home, now cant access as I cant get through a program that seems to have appeared from nowhere called 'Privacy Center' Is this a new Trojan/Virus/Malware,
Try to close it and I am prohibited.
This PC has never truely been right since a 'Microsoft Engineer' completely wiped it and reinserted XP Home. Has he loaded an incorrect liicensed program?, because he never used the disc supplied and I dont know whether he used the product key supplied or his own, could this be the case, if so it was a bit naughty.
Any clues how to remove this ( I have tried AVG 9.0 & Superantispyware) as there is a lot of data on the HD, although hopefully I may be able to run this disc as a slave and transfer data to another disk, then probably wipe clean and reload.
Would be gratefull for clues etc.

Many thanks
sounds like spyware to me and a quick search on the net seems to confirm that.
does it look like this nasty little bugger ?

No, not that one, it is:
I have tried Proccesses in Task Mng and regedit etc, but no sign of any file relating to it.
Am running Windows Defender at moment see if it can find it.
windows defender is not a good program.

malwarebytes may remove that program.

if that don't your going to need something with a few more teeth like spyhunter or ad-aware

the problem is now that program is on your pc is not going to let you load a program that would kill it.

look the following places, add remove programs and see if the program is listed.
if it is remove it but done't restart the pc at this stage.

click ctrl+alt+delete look down the list of processes and see if you can see the program listed, end its process.
also try this click start, search, all programs and files on your c drive
look for Privacy Center delete anything that it calls up.

now i don't like people playing with the reg edit of windows but sometimes in order to fix a problem such as this you need to.
but to save you deleting something important you should use a program that can back up your reg first.
something like this

the idea is you delete all the files to that program then run the reg edit program to delete the dead ref keys to any folders.
it should clear it but its not going to be easy.
Windows Defender found nasty Trojans, buried in the Restore, but no where else, all removed. What has now happened is that I cannot start up the OS from that disc, however all other data is available and being transfered to another spare HDD, after that disc will be wiped etc to reinstall his OS back on and I will transfer his other data back, hopefully all should be well.
Interestingly I tried Task Manager Proceses but nothing from PD in there, nothing showing in the registry either.
Will have to keep an eye out for this one again and bear in mind your advice regarding suitable programs.

Many thanks.
one word of advice on this.
if you have moved his data over to another hard drive then you want to re-install the o/s please make sure that when you go to install windows that you do the full format of the hard drive and not just the quick one.

doing a quick format does not always work when trying to remove a nasty virus or spyware from the pc as they hide in sector 0.
a full format will make sure you blank the drive of any left over files you don't want.

before you put his data back on scan the main drive and the drive with his data on with malewarebytes and avg or what ever virus scanner you use just to make double sure all is clean.
When you backup your data, don't forget:
Favorites (or Bookmark.html if you use Firefox)
Email files if you use Outlook Express
Address Book if you use Outlook Express
the PST file if you use Outlook
NK2 file if you use Outlook
iTunes (if you use it)
Thanks Davey and Biggles, Just caught up again, been busy taking Dog to Vets, he is getting old like me, I am now reaching 78 but in dog years he's older than me, lol.
Back to PC, before I went too far with cleaning, I ran Malewarebytes and 'BINGO', this time more nasties were found and amongst them must have been the P/D one because I set HDD as No:1 disk and we have all singing and dancing clean disk, therefore I didnt wipe the HDD as all is well again. So mates happy now, he has AVG, but noticed he hadnt got a firewall active, see how he gets on with Zone Alarm, but sometimes I have found AVG doesnt like that one, I have left him Malwarebytes on disk so if anything occurs again we are ready for it.

Cheers for now.
if his got AVG 8 now would be a good time to tell him to go in to add remove programs and rid the system of it.

reason being AVG 9 is now out, its still free and they have already warned that 8.5 will not be supported for much longer.

you can send him this link and it will do the rest of the work its self.

the version 9 also has built in basic spyware protection.
and it works with malewarebytes and zonealarm basic firewall
the only time you will get problems with zone alarm now is if he installs the full product with the built in anti-virus
Dear friend. I had faced same situation as you are facing. However, I tried various tools and antivirus removal utility but got critical bsod LINK REMOVED at the end. In my suggestion, scan completely your PC with updated and powerful antivirus then restore your PC at earlier version.
clever answer but your link has been removed.
no free ads for software are allowed on this forum.

i now warn you not to do it again or your account will be banned from the site.
Privacy Center is known spyware and a free program like malware bytes removes it without the need to pay for any software at all

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