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Dual boot issues on sony desktop (japan model)
Hi dave! need your help again w/ rgds to the said desktop. the original os installed was vista home. since my friend like to preserved the original os. i hv to create partition on her 500gb hd. partition was created successfully but here's the prob. i tried to install 3 vista (not original) but no success. i tried xp mdia ctr edition as well and xp ultimate edition but still no success. now, i tried to install the black edition they called and it was successfully installed. however, since downgrading from vista to xp. i am expecting prob on the drivers. as usually prob..the sounds! i just finishing installing some drivers provided but it hangs up. for 1 hr...nothings happen so i decided to force shut down. then upon requires the cd again to repair. unfortunately, it didn't prompt me to that. it continuously installed fresh copy again since black edition is unattended windows installer. And, i will start all over again. After installing this, i will use EasyBCD (miltiboot fixer). but i do still remember, before i can use this programs, it requires me to use vista cd again to repair the boot sector.

Now, i am just wondering how is it happen that 3 different versions of vista hangs up? can u please explain it to me further dave? This is the 1st time i encounter this. Do u have any alternatives on this?

Your usual help is really appreciated! thank you very much in advance!
whats the model number of this computer ?

if the o/s is refusing to load i would think its the sata driver.
any version of xp or vista should install as long as you have the correct driver in place so the install can understand the interface.

sometimes a o/s willl refuse if the computer has a bad memory sim

now i know that some sony all in one pc come monitors have a problem with loading vista, its a fault that sony know about but as yet have not done sweet sod all about it.

that tends to happen after vista has crashed, if you then try and reload the o/s it goes only so far and stops.
if this one of those models you should get it back to sony a.s.a.p for a update.
i am sorry dave, i don't hv the unit at the moment but after 3-4 hrs..they will bring it here in my apartment for further checking. here's the full story of the said pc. last 2 or 3 weeks, she called me that her pc hangs up. i advice her to try using safe works fine and she restarted and it works eventually. after 3-4 days, she called again and she said the pc is no longer working even she tried safe mode etc. in short, totally dead. i visited her and her pc was core 2 duo..something like 2.5 ghz with 2 pcs of 250 gb hd. i suggested to brought it back to sony since i know (based on my experiences on sony especially laptops) it's hard to get their device drivers. so they immediately sent it to sony. and it takes 2 weeks to fixed. they said that it was hd failure and they replaced it with 1 pc of 500gb instead of 2pcs of 250gb. so that is one of my prob...partitioning the hd with current OS installed. partition was successfully done...with 200gb on current o/s on drive c and 300 on the new partition drive d. i used easus partition manager. the old japanese o/s is intact with a folder of it's device drivers. then, i install english vista but unfortunately, it hangs up. there's nothing i can do but to force it shut down. then, i tried the other vista. still it hangs up. 3rd try on other vista cd..same prob occured. now, i tried xp ultimate edition, at 1st windows installation is on process..afterwards, blue screen occurs... then i tried xp media ctr edition, it didn't caused a prob but when he prompted me to the partition drive where i can choose where i will put the xp etc...i was shocked bcoz there were no drive letters as well as the volume of each drive. so...i losing hope bcoz i am running out of windows installation cd. then the last one i tried was xp black edition. successfully installed but the sounds got prob. it was sigmatel high definition audio codec...which is for vista only. so i will try to install the uaa later after re installing some drivers. the pc hangs up when i tried to re-install the systems choice again but to force it shut down. then i switch on again, and it nows required to place the cd installation again and strike r to repair..unfortunately, the said o/s is unattended version of installation. it didn't prompt me to repair but it started to install fresh copy again. no choice but i hv to.

Please be inform also dave, that way back few months..i encountered a prob on sony laptop. i'm always having prob on this brand especially, it requires original os only, but onced u already formated it twice or 3x, u wl now succeed on installing pirated o/s.

With regards to my prior problem, i will post asap the model of the desktop as soon as i hv the unit. now, i'm planning to install the vista again and again. if it fails...i wl use the xp black edition. if this happen, i wl hv a prob on the sounds and i hope the uaa will helps or can u give me a xp version of sigmatel high definition audio codec? 2nd was, how can i place the vista on the selection of booting? since i installed the xp, it covered the vista. i encountered this last year, i used vista again to repair the boot selection. right now, i can't do that bcoz the vista o/s hangs up. is there any alternative if easybcd didn't work?
nah! thats a old sound card i have that one in my dell core 2 laptop and it does work with xp.

just have to load sp2 first, install the UAA then the driver i have listed here which is the sigmatel should run it.

that pc has a memory or hardware problem thats not been fixed by sony
they put a brand new per loaded hard drive in the thing and it booted,
thats as far as their testing will go unless a fault showed up while it was tested to load windows.

in and out thats all they do unless its screws up before their every eyes they won't look for anything else.

its far to easy to say hard drive fault when you have pre loaded drives sitting in your work bay to shove in the computer.

this does sound like one of those faulty units sony have shipped to me.
i would stop messing with it if i was you,
put it back the way sony shipped it and leave it alone till the warrenty runs out, if they send it back for repair again and they find you have loaded xp or another version of vista they will say you damaged the pc and we won't repair it.

if anything i would take their hard drive out the thing, tell them to keep it safe and use a new drive to do what you like.
that way if it screws up you put sony's drive back in and send it back to them complete.

one thing you can check for.
i would take it this is pretty new computer and it should have sata hard drives in it.
make sure that the sata connector is tight or if you can replace it with a new cable, sata 1 did not come with any real clips to hold them in the sockets, i have seen them slip off when the pc is moved about or become loose which can cause a heap of problems.
i hv the unit right's a sony type R master vgc-rm71dl4. right now, i will try again installing vista, if it fails, xp black edition again then i wl try lo load the driver u provided. i wl check also the socket etc that u hv had mention. i wl give u further fdback lately. thanks!
vista o/s it's xp's turn. eventually, i spoke with the owner and she said, only 3 mos was given (warranty) so there's no need to worry if we continue installing the english since she prefer using this instead of japanese language. it's too messy dealing with sony japan. they will keep u waiting for long etc etc. moreover, we just want to have the device driver that they provided since then, if prob still persist...consult doctor dave again! lol! i will just add vista inspirat 2 so it will look alike with vista. lol! give u more fdback after installing the os.
ok...i already installed the xp black edition and uaa as well as the audio driver u is perfectly working! but i still have a prob with regards on how can i include the vista on boot log on selection. easybcd didn't work. i have to use vista o/s to fix it but like what i said...if i used vista it hangs up. any alternative?
you have to use the vista disk to repair the MBR.
vista and xp use a different MBR.

have read of this and this does work as i have done it myself.

follow pages 1 to 4 and don't be put off by the questions under the main pages, just follow those pages to
the letter and it works.
well i found the spec page for that model.
its not as new as i was thinking.
its running the intel 965 chipset.
so its important that you use the correct sata drivers in order to load the o/s of your choice.

both vista and xp are listed for this set of sata drivers at intel

main chipset drivers would be this set

now on the sepc its listing the GFX card as the nvidia 7600 not the best card in the world and in fact sony were being cheap by using it.
vista would load its own driver but i would advise you to load the nvidia version for both xp and vista alike.

the intel 965 is a good chipset a very good chipset,
if this pc carries on being a pain in the butt i would reset the bios back to its full defaults to get rid of any settings from sony.

check the memory, it has two simms and its listed as 2 gig so one simm is all you need to load vista or xp.
you could try loading on just one simm to rule out any problems with the memory.
check the fan on the nvidia card ( if fitted )
again double check the sata cable.
thanks dave! i already downloaded the site u gave and it works! the pc is done and no problem occurs! thanks for your usual help dave! i'm just wondering why i should take off the other memory to get rid of that prob...yes, after taking it out...both o/s was properly installed. for further knowledge, can u explain it to me? thanks again dave! you're the man!
if you removed one memory sim and the o/s installed then you have a bad memory simm.

the memory is the key to installing a o/s
it has to pass from cdrom in to the memory then wait there till the hard drive can write it.
if the memory simm is bad say 512 in to a 1 gig sim it will corrupt the data while waiting leading to a bad section of data on the hard drive.

sometimes a bad memory simm will pass every test you can throw at it
and not show its self as bad till you try and use it.

the only downside with using just the one simm is dual channel.
the pc will drop a little speed wise because of that.
its not massive and if your only using it for net and word its not really that important, its only when you play a top
heavy game or do video editing that the dual channel will play its part.
thank you for your time to elaborate that topic. again...thank you for your usual help.
thank you very much! now i understand. again..thank you for your usual help and time for explaining the said topic. have a nice day dave! more power to you!

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