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IBM thinkpad type 2656 (japan model)
Hi dave! i have here a IBM thinkpad laptop type 2656 with windows 2k. almost 1 decade old! lol! anyway, just like u...want to extend helping others by helping them too with regards to computer. anyway, the prob are as follows... system battery is dead - replace and run set up; system cmos checksum bad - default configuration used ; and real time clock error.
Error warning: IRQ not configured - PCI Bus : 00 Device : 13 Function : 00 Error warning : IRQ not configured - PCI Bus : 00 Device : 09 function: 00

i tried to replace the small battery's a small one 3v. same code but different maker of course...but the same problem occurs... so i decided to take it home for further checking..then i open again..and once updated the time and date and it successfully logged in and i decided to reboot...the prob occurs again. any idea?

after this hardware prob..i wl reformat this..i was thinking if tiny xp will do. i heard that this tiny xp can run this old laptop. it's much better rather than window 2k..they said..what do u think dave?
sounds like a bad track on the
motherboard to the cmos backup in the bios chip
you may have to remove the motherboard and check the lanes from battery to chip

it might also be a good idea to remove the battery once more, and clean the contact area in the holder.
if the lower contact in the holder has compressed over the years you can bend it a little upwards to get a better connection when you
put the battery back in

oh and don't forget after replacing a bios battery is always best to load up the bios defaults set the time and date then save the changes
you're right! i double check again and i bend it up a little then i cleaned the surroundings and replaced the battery again....hola! it's working again! the o/s is perfectly running. i'd just cleaned the system files using ccleaner as well as advanced systemcare. it helps and it runs smoothly. no need to replace or re install new o/s. however, i am just curious with regards to the o/s. i just want to know if xp tiny is much better to replace the windows 2k? i just heard from a friend u tried to installed that o/s. any suggestion or comments on this dave?

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