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resetting password on vista log on
Hi dave! a friend forgot her administrative password on vista log on but the other user is accessible? how can i re-set or retrieve her password? is this the same with xp if ever i encounter that they forgot the password on xp. thanks in advance!
The tool at the following link will reset the Administrator password on Vista. I have used it several times with XP, Server 2003 (DC ) and Vista and the best option is to BLANK the password. That is do not put in a password but rather make is blank. Once you have rebooted and logged on, then you can add a password.

There are some other Password Rest options here that you may like to lok at.

This link may be of interest as it is password related.
thanks biggles! i should have this since many user's here hv had the same prob. since we don't know what to do..reinstallation is the answer. lol!
No, no, no, no........NO!! The password can be reset and it is fairly easy. The hardest part is burning the ISO image to a CD. Once that is done, boot off the CD and then press ENTER (ie select the Defaults) and when is comes to change the password type in the name of the uaser account that you want to change. The version I have requires that the user account be typed in UPPERCASE. Once that is done, enter an Asteriks (no, not the guy from Gaul) * and that blanks the password. Press ENTER again, then q (for quit) and when prompted Y for yes to write the changes to the appropriate file.

I have just typed the above from memory so be very careful and check each step as I may have missed 1 or 2. (I blame the old age and drugs, err I mean legal medication).

Doing the above saves a crap load of time reinstalling everything again.

I don't know if this is available in your part of the globle, but try typing in Google "it's not cheating" . Where I am if you are a student or teacher that has an education email account you are able to purchase Windows 7 at a very reasonable price. I mention this because if you have a laptop or PC that runs Vista then Windows 7 will run on it heaps better.

Post back if you get stuck with the password blanking.
sure i will...thanks for the tips!
with regards on i'm not cheating...well, i am out on this world! lol! i mean... i am a filipino and currently working here in japan. and we're not entitled on the promo. how i wish i can avail the same discount.
What part of Pinoy Land are you from?
i grew up in sta. ana, manila. but when i got married..i bought a house and lot on san pedro, laguna and in imus, cavite. it's look like u are familiar with filipinos? am i right?
Dili Filipino, oo Filipina. Asawa Visayian (Leyte) :(
lol! are u married on a filipina? a visayan (leyte) native? if you said are lucky...not bcoz i am a filipino but to tell u frankly..filipinos/filipinas are fun to be with. mark my word...filipina is very generous, very accommodating in terms of hospitality. u will feel like a king! serving your food, preparing your needs/thins like after taking a bath, ..things like that. those are the things i never seen here in a japanese. all i can see here in japan is general..they are sad country and that's the reason why they are selfish! to clarify things, i am not angry huh! i'd just like u to know. :)
well i am uk english born.( white )
not living there anymore crap hole

i am married to a nigerian.

bet you would never have guessed that one lol lol lol

been the best 9 years of my life i can tell you.
(12-04-2009, 10:08 PM)penkaye Wrote: lol! are u married on a filipina? a visayan (leyte) native? if you said are lucky...not bcoz i am a filipino but to tell u frankly..filipinos/filipinas are fun to be with.

Cou-bullshit-gh. I would have more fun with yesterday's lunch.
#12're right! i never thought that! anyway, i'm happy to heard that dave!
biggles... well..i dont know what to say...maybe atleast u hv one! lol!

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