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p105-s9337 with xp
I have reinstall windows OS on this system, stepping it back to xp pro sp2.

I have downloaded and installed (or tried to install) about 30 drivers, including all that I have found here for similar toshiba models. I have also downloaded many xp drivers from toshiba's website as trial and error.

I thought that I had successfully installed the driver, when it correctly showed up in the device manager, however, it does not work.

system info says: PNP Device ID HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5045&SUBSYS_1179FF31&REV_1001\3&23F12FF0&0&0001

This is very frustrating.
thats the conexant 5045 HD audio chip.

being the HD version under windows xp you should have loaded up the microsoft UAA driver before you installed the conexant main driver.
have you installed the UAA driver ?
if not second in the list found here.

that sound is listed at windows update so microsoft have their own driver set for it.
to save you time trying to find it i grabbed the microsoft driver and uploaded it to this post.

i would laso think the driver i have listed here at post 10 should do the trick as well.

just remember that the UAA must be installed or xp does not understand how to use the chip

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Your quick response is fantastic. If there was an award for such a thing, I would nominate you for it.

I'm sorry that I failed to mention that the UAA driver was installed first. Additionally, I did install the drivers that you have mentioned in your reply.

However, I did notice another issue that may be the cause of all my troubles; that is, when I shut down the computer, I get a screen that says, "It is now save to turn off your computer" so, I'm sure I have an ACPI issue.

Any thing else you can offer is greatly appreciated.

yes that sounds like xp does not understand the main chipset acpi power of the motherboard.

this is going to be really hard for you but what i think you need to do is this.
note down all working drivers to date.
then do a full and clean install of windows xp just incase you now have driver tossed salad in your laptop.

when you have done the clean install this is the order in which you should really load up the most important drivers.

motherboard drivers which is the intel 945pm chipset.
so you need to load these driver sets.

and just to cover your back on the sata but may not be needed


then your lan card.
use windows update
bring windows right up to date but at this stage skip sp3 as that will only make matters worse
when you get the option to install sp3 tell it show me all over updates.
install all on offer but not sp3

now bring direct x fully up to date, this is more important then people think as some drivers will not load without this being right up to date.

then install the UAA
then try the sound card once again.

after that its pretty much as you want, gfx , modem, e.t.c

now just a little advice, these sound card drivers only seem to like xp pro.
they don't seem to support any other versions of xp.
so really you should be using xp pro sp2 to get that laptop up and running.
Just thought I'd let you know it's fixed, and how I did it.

I had installed xp pro w/ sp2 by disabling acpi (F5 during the first load up of OS) because I've had so many problems installing xp on SATA laptops) This caused, I believe, all the aforementioned problems.

I reinstalled without disabling ACPI, and loaded all the drivers and updates (excepting sp3), but the sound still did not work. I had an unknown device in the device manager, and it looked like acpi, so I went to Intel looking for those drivers.

Somehow, I was pointed to the European Toshiba website, which is a completely different interface for drivers than the US website, and I was able to download Bluetooth drivers. This eliminated the ACPI problem in device manager, but did not make the sound work. I went back to download sound from toshiba europe and installed the program. all works perfectly now. Here's the link.


good luck and thanks for all your help!


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