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HP Pavilion DV1000 wireless problems
Alright well my sisters laptop recently starting acting weird, I don't know what happened but she reinstalled XP on it. Since then the wireless just won't connect to any router what so ever. I took a look at it and I checked to see if all the drivers were installed and I think they are.

Its a HP Pavilion DV1000 Notebook.

When I put my router info in to connect, it will not connect. When I check the wireless connections added its gone, its like they are delete right after I click the add button and OK button. Seems a bit odd. What could it be?
can you turn that laptop upside down and note down its full model number.
i have a whole list to select from under DV1000

you should see it listed it will say something along the lines of


from the ones i have checked at hp two broadcom and intel wifi are listed.
with the braodcam its important to get the right driver or it may be part correct.
well enough to stop device manager moaning but its not enough to make the card work.

firewalls have a habbit of blocking a card.
if you have a thrid party firewall shut it down while you try and connect.
Alright ill see when im able to get a hold of it again
I got the number

two possible drivers for that model a intel and a broadcom.
if you have the broadcom use the newest set direct from hp found here.

if you have the intel card let me know what one it is as the intel drivers direct from them will be more up to date.

to find that you can use everest as before under network pnp/pci
you can also check what broadcom it is that way and i will check with them as well for you.
I got everest on it, looked and it had a intel with realtek. I'm not entirely sure what the problem was but I was able to fix it and now it magically works lol

Thanks :D
Alright, my sister has another issue with the same laptop. I have no clue but now its not wanting to start up. She has reinstalled Windows like 4 times and it gives her this blue screen and an error saying the msvcrt.dll is missing and needs to be reinstalled and for it to work. She tried it and it keeps popping up once its been installed back before she can do anything.
get the laptop off her and test the hard drive.

for files to go missing it could be bad hard drive sector or a bad memory simm.
you need to test it if you can.
Alright so its been quite a while since my older sisters laptop failed and its dead right now. I think it is a hard drive issue. I was thinking of getting a new for her but I'm not sure what kind of HD it needs?
2.5" EIDE well thats what i just called up on the net.
to check that take the drive out the laptop, if it has two rows of pins its IDE, and sata will look the same as that
new drive you just bought.
Wait IDE? I don't think newegg sells IDE laptop hds... wait is ATA-6 the same thing as IDE?
ATA-6 is the speed.

have a quick read of this.

this is the drive i think you need

look at the old drive first and let me know if it has two rows of pins
Alright I looked at it and it has 2 rows of pins,the pins basically lay on top of these other pins, kind of weird.

Just quick question, is it possible if a better CPU can fix in that socket?
It currently has a

1.73 GHz Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology featuring Intel® Pentium® M Processor 740

just wondering, doubt it will be replaced though.

I saw the blue screen as well, XP goes to start up after loading it just goes to a blue screen starting a 00000 error, I forgot the rest. I'm going to re-install the OS possibly later hopefully when I get the disks.


Alright I got the laptop running, got XP Home SP2 installed on it, everything seems fine, now I can't connect to the internet at all. I installed the Wireless Driver for it and still nothing. Its a Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network connection. I even downloaded the one they have on the support site and it still won't connect. It says its connected but I can't get online anyways. I looked at the properties and it says it has no Default Gateway IP, maybe thats it?
it is possible to change a laptop cpu bit its all down to two things

the chipset being used and the bios cpu id code.
if Hp have not doena bios update with newer cpu id codes it will not boot even if the chipset and socket support the new chip.

no default gateway is down to the router settings.
windows wifi only looks for a ip address to say its connected.
I'm stumped on this issue, I set it up exactly how I set up the other computers in my house. This computer I built is running on a wireless card and theres no issue. I just don't get why this HP isn't wanting to connect. I have it enabled, I put the right information in correctly. I don't know what is wrong with it honestly and this is a clean installation as well. So I don't know why it refuses to connect.


Alright I actually got on the internet with it but it says Limited or No Access with the "!" on the wireless icon at the bottom. I have no idea whats up with it.


Sorry for the edits, anyways, I decided to do some experiments with my router like turning off the WEP and such. It didn't work. SO I decided to turn off the router and reboot the laptop and now it shows that its connected WTF??? I rebooted the laptop again this time and not the router and it connects to the network again right away. Now I'm kind of confused as to why it does it now. I will see if it does the same tomorrow and the next day and so on. Hopefully it gives me no more problems.
Right now I'm installing AVG as I heard it gives the BSOD when XP is booting up when my sister had this laptop. I'll see what goes down when its done. I personally like AVG, I have always used it, with XP and now with Win7.
If you have had alot of wifi cards connected to your router over the months its possible the routers list is full of old mac codes.
clear all the ones your not using any more from the routers settings.

AVG 9 does not give a bsod on xp i have been running for for a while now with no problem what so ever.

AVG is slowy becoming a system hog like all other anti virus software but its still about the best free one out there.
norton system works use to be such a good program but now you would have to pay me to use it.
if someone comes to me with a slow system and log in problems the first thing i do is delete norton off their machine
and what you know it speeds up a great deal.
The only 1 thats wireless is my computer thats all.

I don't know but when I installed AVG, it used 100% of the CPU for about an hr. I downloaded everest to see the temps and the Processor was at a scorching 98°C and yes it reached 100°C. I uninstalled AVG, there was an exe that kept using the processor at 100% and would not stop, I even restarted it and nothing kept using 100% of the CPU.

Yeah I used to love norton but ever since like 2006 it just started to suck and used up to much resource.

I installed Avast on the laptop and its fine now. Though it runs very hot compared to my Quad that idles at 36-38°C. The laptop idles at around 50°C not sure if thats safe and the harddrive in it gets way hot and idles around 50°C. I'm not really confident at opening it because I saw a video on how to open it up and it seemed way to complicated to do it.
dam that cpu is running right at its limit of 100°c

thats got to be a blocked heatsink and fan. dust is a laptops biggest problem
clean it out A.S.A.P

AVG when first installed will do a full system can, its pre set to do that, but should not use 100% of the cpu.
something else was also accessing the system at the same time, windows update for example.

my dell xps laptop is a dualcore 2.33gig and that never runs hotter then 60°c even when pushed
take some time and strip that laptop out and clean it up before something goes pop.
if the cpu is getting that hot so is the gfx card and chipset.
where the cpu can handle that temp at its max the chipset can't.

with laptops you will find that the chipset / cpu or chipset /gfx share one fan.

norton nowdays is nothing more then bloatware, ever since microsoft bought out symantec is gone down the pan.

i use to have zonealarm pro for many years, but again that started to get bigger and bigger slowing the system down, so that got ditched
and i went to Kaspersky, that was ok for a while but then after the fourth update started to get in the way of what i was trying to do.
again dicthed bit quick and went to AVG free, and hardware firewall, which is ten times better then any software firewall.
I attempted to open the laptop but one of the corners will not come apart, don't wanna break it.

yeah it shouldn't get that hot, even though its hot here.

Hope AVG doesn't get as bad as those though. What else could I get lol.
I cleaned it out and ran it for a few hrs and it reached 80°C, still pretty hot.

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