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New computer things I need to get
Well, I need a new computer case, one with better airflow since my current one has no fan infront of it to actually pull cool air in.

I was thinking of getting a new harddrive, not sure how my current one is since of all the freeze ups its had. To solid state harddrives crash/freeze up too?
they do still crash but not as much as a spinning disk.

9 crashes out of 10 are not down to your hard driive most are caused by windows its self.
Hmmmmm I wonder why, could it be the heat?

What type of case should I get? I see some cool ones and what not but the case USB's/microphones/Firewire/etc. I can never seem to hook up right.... I think i do it right but they turn out to be hooked up wrong
oh vypergt you not realy asking the right person about case's here.
reason being i don't play about with case's i go for top of the range stuff.
i just bought one of these, please sit down when you see the price i don't want you to hurt yourself.

but as a rule the more fans you have at both ends the better.
even a cheap case can give you good air flow if it has 120mm fans at both ends.
a top fan is a + as well, one that vents direct out the top of the case.
Woah, I love the way it looks. lolz the price is a bit, but hell if its good then I'll take it!
One thing I don't understand is if my motherboard is compatible? I've been seeing alot of the towers I want but they have the power supply at the bottom. My current one has the power supply at the top, could I get this one still? One thing I REALLY like is the harddrive racks, thats very awesome unlike my current one -_-

heres are the ones i was looking at:




and all of them have the PSU at the bottom
out of those the second one the HAF 922 is the better one.
thats the smaller version of the full size tower that i bought.

its a atx case which means you can fit atx , micro atx and mini atx motherboards inside that case you just move the mounting pins about.

your motherboard is the smaller micro atx if i remember, but that does not matter really as that case will take a full size normal motherboard,
you can also if your power supply leads are long enough feed the main wires round the side of the case then on to your motherboard.
i done that and it really does tidy the inside of the case up and allows the air to move about.
side mounting hard drives is not new i already have that in my main thermaltake case, but it is a good idea.
saves trying to get the drive past the video card or sound card.
My current HD mounts aren't like that lol... :/ I'm thinking of getting the HAF 922, so I could use my current PSU with it anyways? Well thats good to know that I can :p

Now the only thing I gotta worry about is the graphics card fitting? Probably? And connecting the Case USB, audio ports, etc. lol
i know my case is a little bigger all over then that one.
but you should have plenty of room for that gfx card as the HD mounts the other way, they don't stuck in towards the motherboard
they sit sideways.

yes your psu will fit, all atx psu are a standard fit thats not a problem.

just take your time with the usb e.t.c its not that hard really.
my case did not have single wire usbs on the top it has a full plug you push on the header.
i hate the single wire type as there is room for mistakes that blow the header.

never done that thank christ but i have seen it in the years i have been doing pc's

even seen some nob try and fit a AMD cpu to a INTEL socket.
he forced it in the socket bending all the pins and screwing the socket then brings me the pc and say's it not working.
when you work with computers you see somethings that just make you want laugh as you just can't believe that someone would be that
stupid but it happens i have seen it.
Alright thats cool, glad the HD's sit sideways

The thing that confuses me when it comes to plugging in the USB cases and such is that on my motherboard, under the pins it says USB1, USB2 and I get confused.
thats usb header 1 and usb header 2

you have four rows of pins, meaning you can connect two sets of front usb ports.

its not really that hard if you look at the usb1 header you will have two rows of pins, one set under the other.
you use all that set for two usb ports,

this will help you understand them.
Great link Dave!!
lol, alright ill give it my best shot when i get it which is probably christmas :p
Hey dave, I got the exact case you got :D but I have yet to even see it since its a gift lol, I got a big discount off of it too

Is it easy to hook up all the case ports and such?
cheat, you can't have the same as me. lol

you can't really go wrong with this case the plugs are already on the end of the wires you just push them on the header.
download the manual and you will see.

must dash going to a party , hic
rofl, well it was an awesome discount otherwise i would have gotten the smaller version. It costed $119.99

lol i wish i had something you had, but whats inside the case is much different then what you have lol

enjoy the party
thats not fair you should have paid the full price as i did, lol lol lol

yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life.
i renewed my wedding vows and the party afterwards was just mind blowing, my head is killing me today lol lol lol lol

just goers to show this beaten up old computer geek has alot of love still in him.

i wanted to make yesterday perfect and it was, all that planning and sneeking about paid off.
lol i got super lucky :D i save like 50 bucks

Nice, im happy for ya, how many years so far? Glad everything went great
we have been together 10 years next year.
not bad by todays standards really.
i just felt it was time to prove that my love was still strong so renewing your wedding vows seemed like a good way of doing that.

its nice to come home to someone that you love and trust and you know will always be at your side no matter what crap life can throw at you.
Nice, these days it could be just a few yrs, which sucks if that.
hope to find someone like that myself :D
Speaking of which, my parents will be having their 25th ann. next yr
funny thing is i was talked in to marrage by my mother.
i was not going to get married at all.

but as they say mother knows best and in this case that is ture.

i don't think i will live long enough to see out 25 years together not with my health problems, but its worth a shot.

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